National Day of Prayer

The following is the hourly schedule for the prayers of St. Paul Lutheran Church on the National Day of Prayer on May 6. The church invites the community as a whole to join in prayer throughout the day for the following:

6 a.m. — “Our nation”

7 a.m. — “Retirees and those who have completed their work”

8 a.m. — “Parents and children”

9 a.m. — “Teachers and students of our county”

10 a.m. — “Farmers and for favorable weather”

11 a.m. — “Commissioners Bob Hastedt, Glenn Miller and Jeff Mires”

Noon — “Mayor Jason Maassel and city council”

1 p.m. — “Chief David Mack and the police department”

2 p.m. — “Sheriff Michael Bodenbender and the sheriff’s office”

3 p.m. — “Chief Clayton O’Brien and Fire & Rescue”

4 p.m. — “City Manager Joel Mazur and all city employees”

5 p.m. — “Health Director Joy Ermie and Health Department”

6 p.m. — “President Joe Biden, Congressman Bob Latta, Sen. Sherrod Brown, Sen. Rob Portman, and all federal officials”

7 p.m. — “Gov. Mike DeWine, State Sen. Rob McColley, State Rep. Jim Hoops, and all state officials”

8 p.m. — “Homebound and sick”

9 p.m. — “All affected by COVID-19”

10 p.m. — “Henry County Hospital and its staff”

11 p.m. — “Churches throughout the nation”

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