Kolby Seemann is running for a seat on the Village of Deshler Council.

Age: 28.

Occupation: Loan officer/information security officer at The Corn City State Bank.

Background information: I am a 2012 graduate of Patrick Henry High School and have lived in the Village of Deshler my whole life. Four years ago I married my wife and currently have two boys. At this time I am involved in the Deshler Chamber of Commerce and The Deshler Community Foundation. For 28 years I have been actively involved at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Hamler and in the Deshler community.

Have you ever held an elected position?: No.

Why are you seeking the elected position?: This elected position is important to me because Deshler has always been home. Having grown up in Deshler, I want it to be prosperous, welcoming, and an attractive place for businesses and families of all ages to come and plant their roots. I strive for many to be proud to call Deshler their home, as I am.

What are you goals if elected?: If elected my goal would be to bring life back to downtown Deshler and capitalize on attractions that Deshler already provides.

What qualifications do you feel make you a good candidate for this position?: I have lived in Deshler my whole life and know what Deshler has to offer. Being actively involved in the Deshler community gives me the ability to listen to the Village of Deshler citizens and voice their concerns.

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