DESHLER — Village council Monday heard an update on an application for a potential streets project grant.

Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen reported he attended the most recent meeting for Ohio Public Works Commission’s (OPWC) final awarding process for the village’s streets projects. The streets submitted for next year will be funded if the minimum point system stays the same as last year.

Deshler Community Development Coordinator DonL Parsons’ report provided to council stated the resurfacing projects include Lind from State Route 18 to Elm, Mulberry from Chestnut to Deshler, Plum between Park and Keyser, and North Wood at curve to Maple at a total project cost of $101,000 with a 50% grant.

Council Member Teresa Lederer asked if Elm Street was included in the village’s upcoming list of streets projects. Kitchen said it was not, but noted he has sought quotes for the work.

Kitchen noted Elm Street is one of the roadways in the village that is still laid brick, and work to pave a street such as this ranges from $60,000-$80,000 per block. He said the village needs to consider it can repave three streets with curbing for approximately that same total.

However, Kitchen said the conditions of the brick roadways have been observed.

“I think in the next year or two, we’re going to have to look at at least one of those,” he said.

The village also continues to berm and patch streets.

In other maintenance updates, Kitchen reported more new equipment has been added to the “kiddie park” area at the pool park. It was reported everything is being repainted and the entire area has had mulch added to the required safety depth.

New signage for various areas in the park are also being replaced. All of the single playground sections are also being repainted and mulch was added.

All of the village’s bridges and culverts have had their yearly inspections completed. All inspections came back satisfactory except for the Pine Street bridge, which is scheduled for an upcoming project.

The process to advertise bidding for the project is underway, and the next step is getting an engineering inspection company interviewed and hired. Start of construction is scheduled to begin before April 4, 2022.

In storm and sewer updates, Kitchen reported two storm manhole lid castings have been readjusted to grade. The surface drain on Main Street that was rebuilt will be finished when a couple of other concrete spots can be made ready.

It was also reported the village’s five-year NPDES permit for the lagoon discharge is up for renewal. The current permit expires in June 2022, but the renewal process starts now. Kitchen noted if there are any new requirements for ammonia and phosphorus, those will be in the new permit.

Kitchen also told council members a sewer line on Butternut Street is deteriorating. He said these were concrete lines for sanitary sewer that were placed during the development of the nursing home and mobile home court.

Kitchen said four or five blocks of this line have been replaced in the last few years, as the top of the piping is now gone. He said the village will check the area for what is bad and make replacements as necessary.

In other matters, Kitchen reported fall banners have been placed on Main Street; an Eagle Scout project at the bus stop at Pirate Park has been completed; and leaf pickup fees will be the same as last year. Kitchen said leaf pickup will begin when needed and run Mondays and Thursdays.

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