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Napoleon High School is playing host this weekend to the World Twirling Association (WTA) World Majorette Festival competition. There will be individual and team competitions among twirling competitors from around the country. Above, Sydney Bitar performs Friday. Gates open 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday and competitions begin at 9 a.m. both days.

Herbicide spill may damage road

A chemical spill in Napoleon involving a herbicide has some residents concerned about their grass, while city officials are keeping an eye on relatively new pavement.

The spill occurred late in June and was caused by a farmer transporting equipment. County officials said a pump broke, which caused the herbicide to spray along the side of the road.

The spill stretched from the intersection of Maumee and Appian avenues to nearly American Road.

“Our concern is the chemical contains hyrdrocarbons, which are also in gasoline, diesel fuel and asphalt, and when it mixes with asphalt it can be a bad result,” said Napoleon Public Works Director Chad Lulfs. “It eats up the liquid asphalt.”

The area of particular concern is the downtown area, which was recently paved over a two-year period.

“We’re hoping it won’t be a problem, but it will take time to find out,” Lulfs said. “We’re keeping an eye it.”

Henry County Emergency Management Agency Deputy Director Nick Nye said several residents along Oakwood Avenue have also expressed concern as to whether grass killed along the street due to the spill will grow back.

Nye said it would, but likely will take some time. He also said a bill has been sent to the farmer involved in the spill to recoup costs of the cleanup, which included the purchase of sand to put down on the spill, as well as reimbursing the city for the time of city crews to apply the sand.

2 workers die after being trapped in grain silo

TOLEDO (AP) — A shipping business in Ohio says two workers died after they were trapped in a silo filled with grain.

The workers became trapped Friday morning inside the silo operated by The Andersons in Toledo.

A Toledo fire department spokesman says rescue crews spent nearly two hours trying to reach the men. He says at one point they were able to make contact with one of the workers.

Rescue crews had brought in special equipment to try to stop the grain from collapsing on the men.

A statement released by The Andersons says the company is shaken by the loss of two of its workers.

The company says it will work authorities to investigate what happened.


Brothers Nick, 12, (right) and Brice, 7, King set up a lemonade stand Thursday on Woodlawn Avenue in Napoleon to help travelers stay cool.