Members of the Northeastern 4-H Neighbors participated in the Henry County 4-H project judging and junior fair. The club had a total of eight Best of Class awards and five Honor Awards at project judging. The club had numerous members exhibit their livestock at the Henry County Junior Fair as well. You can find the award winners listed below:

•Calvin Junge, Explore the Outdoors — Best of Class.

•Baxter Barrett, Grillmaster- Best of Class, 4th place junior goat showmanship, 5th place dairy market goat weight class #2.

•Madeline Embree, Club Leadership 2 — Best of Class, Yeast Breads on the Rise — Honor Award, 1st place fiber goat, 2nd place fiber goat.

•Beatrice Barrett, Leadership Road Trip — Best of Class.

•Malia Murry, Alcohol and Drug Abuse — Best of Class, Self Determined — Honor Award

•Kinze Jaqua, Airedales to Zebras (Vet Science 1) — Best of Class, 2nd place intermediate poultry showmanship, 3rd place fancy poultry (cockerels), 5th place overall market broilers, 5th place intermediate doe kid (meat type), 3rd place meat type market goat weight class #4, 5th place meat type market goat weight class #4.

•Adrianna Meyer, On the Cutting Edge (Vet Science 3) — Best of Class, Family History Treasure Hunt — Best of Class, 3rd place intermediate goat showmanship, 4th place senior doe kid (meat type), 3rd place yearling doe 13 months to under 16 months (meat type), 1st place yearling doe 16 months to under 24 months (meat type).

•Hannah Culler, Cake Decorating Intermediate — Honor Award.

•Bergstrom Barrett, How Does Your Garden Grow? — Honor Award, 5th place beginner goat showmanship, 3rd place market dairy market goat weight class #2.

•Kenleigh Howe, Everyday Food and Fitness — Honor Award.

•Tyler Rohrs, 1st place intermediate sheep showmanship, 4th place middleweight market lamb, 4th place heavyweight market lamb.

•Abigail Rohrs, 2nd place beginner sheep showmanship, 5th place lightweight market lamb, 5th place middleweight market lamb.

•Samantha Graber, 1st place senior dairy showmanship, 1st place junior dairy heifer yearling, 3rd place senior swine showmanship, 5th place class #1 middleweight market gilt.

•Sarah Graber, 4th place senior dairy showmanship, 2nd place junior dairy heifer yearling.

•Abby Bayes, 1st place junior poultry showmanship, 1st place fancy poultry (cockerels), 3rd place fancy poultry (hens), reserve grand champion fancy poultry, reserve grand champion non-market poultry, 1st place doe yearling dry (dairy), reserve grand champion junior dairy goat breed, 2nd place doe 3 years and under 5 years in milk (dairy).

•Johnathan Meyer, 1st place layers- pen of two, reserve grand champion production hens.

•Alli Johnson, 5th place junior goat showmanship.

-Submitted by Adrianna Meyer, Northeastern 4-H Neighbors Reporter


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