The District I (seven counties) agricultural education instructors held their awards banquet recently at Liberty Center High School.

Area FFA students recognized were:

•In the proficiency area of Diversified Crop Production Entrepreneurship – 1st – Rose Zeedyk, Fairview (state: 1st).

•Ag Sales Placement – 1st – Annamarie Lechleidner, Fairview.

•Ag Services – 1st – Tristan McGuire, Fairview; Agriscience Research Plant Systems – 1st, Kayla Wyse, Pettisville (state: 1st).

•Diversified Crop Placement – 1st – Cade Limes, Otsego.

•Diversified Livestock Production – 1st – Liz Beck, Pettisville.

•Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production – 1st – Rose Zeedyk, Fairview (state: 2nd).

•Grain Production Entrepreneurship – 1st – Rose Zeedyke, Fairview (state: 2nd).

•Grain Production Placement – 2nd – Jason Leatherman, Liberty Center, 3rd — Rose Zeedyk, Fairview.

•Sheep Production – 1st – Kendall Sattler, Tinora (state: 2nd).

•Small Animal Production and Care – 1st – Jenna Simon, Wauseon, 2nd – Bailey Bowen, Edgerton.

•Swine Production Entrepreneurship – 1st – Kaelyn Kinnan, Liberty Center, 3rd – Megan Hancock, Tinora.

•Wildlife Production and Management – 1st – Madeleine Wixom, Pettisville (state: 3rd).

In the spring career development events:

•Dairy Cattle — Team – 1st – Patrick Henry, 2nd – Archbold, 3rd – Liberty Center, 4th – Fairview; Individual: 1st- Sarah Millikan, Patrick Henry, 2nd – Kalen Rauch, FCCC, 3rd – Mandi Nickels, Patrick Henry, 4th – Kendall Sattler, Tinora.

•Dairy Products – Team – 2nd – Fayette, 3rd – Archbold; Individual – 3rd – Lily Delgado, Archbold, 4th – Elizabeth Mignin, Archbold.

•Ag Tech and Mech Systems – Team – 2nd – Ayersville; Individual – 4th – Trevor Okuley, Ayersville.

•Ag Sales – Team – 1st – Otsego; Individual – 1st – Seth Pullins, Otsego, 2nd – Trey Battin, Otsego, 3rd – Kendall Sattler, Tinora, 4th – Maggie Lehsten, Otsego.

•Outdoor Power Equipment – Team – 1st – Delta, 4th – Archbold; Individual — 2nd – Tyler Hyott, Delta, 3rd – Kaleb Barnes, Delta, 4th – Erik Short, Archbold.

•Agriscience Fair Animal Systems – 1st – Jessie McWatters, Pettisville, 2nd – Nick Helmke, Tinora, 4th – Troy Stockman, Tinora.

•Agriscience Fair Food Systems – 3rd – Julian Rosales , Ayersville, 4th – Hailey Bok, Ayersville.

•Agriscience Fair – Power Systems – 2nd – Baden Skates, Pettisville, 3rd – Lance Bauer, Millcreek-West Unity, 4th – Jason Casler, Ayersville.

•Agriscience Fair – Social Systems – 1st – Ian Hoffman, Millcreek-West Unity.

•Agriscience Fair – Environmental Systems – 1st – Kayla Wyse, Pettisville.

•Equine – Team- 3rd – Pettisville; Individual – 1st – Annamarie Lechleidner, Fairview, 3rd – Lana Baker, Millcreek-West Unity.

•Meats – Team – 1st – Archbold, 2nd – Otsego, 4th – Liberty Center; Individual – 1st – Kayden Meyer, Archbold, 2nd – Nate Pollock, Archbold, 3rd – Nathan Rettig, Archbold, 4th – Caty Richer, Archbold.

•Poultry – Team – 1st – Fayette, 2nd – Otsego, 3rd – Liberty Center; Individual – 1st – Savannah Hernandez, Otsego, 2nd – Elijah Eberly, Fayette, 3rd – Lucy Jones, Liberty Center.

•Wildlife Management – Team – 3rd – Pettisville, 4th – Fayette, Individual – 4th – Madeleine Wixom, Pettisville. Agronomy – Team – 1st – Pettisville, 2nd – Tinora, 3rd – Millcreek-West Unity; Individual -1st – Kayla Wyse, Pettisville, 2nd – Ava Hoylman, Pettisville, 3rd – Jessie McWatters, Pettisville, 4th – Chris Pahl, Tinora.

•Dairy Handlers – 1st – McKayla Clymer, Wauseon, 2nd – Trey Schroeder, Wauseon.

•General Livestock – Team – 1st – Otsego, 4th – Edgerton; Individual – 2nd – Sydney Mazey, Otsego, 3rd – Morgan Simon, Otsego, 4th – Monty Alexander, Otsego.

•Greenhand Quiz – Team – 2nd -Pettisville, 3rd – Ayersville; Individual – 1st – Joseph Reamsnyder, Millcreek-West Unity, 4th – Clara Damman, Pettisville.

•Farm Business Management – Team – 2nd – Pettisville; Individual – 3rd – Tyler Smith, Pettisville.

Area FFA Chapters recognized with Gold Medal status were: Otsego, Pettisville and Wauseon.

Officer Books — Reporter: 1st – Liz Beck, Pettisville, 3rd – Tristan McGuire, Fairview; Treasurer: 1st – Mauricea Crouch, Pettisville, 3rd – Kodi Brenner, Millcreek-West Unity, 4th – Rachel Lee, Wauseon; Secretary – 3rd – Jessie McWatters, Pettisville.

Area members that reached the level of State FFA Degree were: Archbold – Katie Goering, Elizabeth Mignin; Edgerton – Madison Freeman; Edon – Alea Brandt, Taylor Brown, Caitlyn Dietsch, Jacob Dulle, Adrianna Howard, Alexandra Jacoby, Lucas Joice, Aidan Muehlfeld, Claire Radabaugh, Tatum Schaffter, Shane Zulch; Fairview – Garrett Bennett, Tristan McGuire, Blake Smith; Fayette – Zoee Keiser, Rhys Ruger, Bradyn Ruger, Jaxsen Wentz; Holgate – Ryder Eis, Drew Pahl, Cody Sonnenberg, Jakob Stober, Grace Wenzinger; Liberty Center – Alexis Gibon, Jason Leatherman; Millcreek-West Unity – Chelsea Funk; North Center — Taylor Fenicle, Michael Cummins; Patrick Henry – Romulus Arps, David Baden, Anna Bzovi, Joshua Flowers, Sarah Millikan, Zack Moehrman, Madison Moore, Mandi Nickels, Audrey Sonnenberg, Ryanna Tietje, Emily Vargo; Pettisville – William Fenton, Jessie McWatters, Calvin Nofziger; Tinora – Cierra Black, Tony Pahl, Regan Polasek, Brennan Sabo; Otsego – Trey Battin, Dane Creps, Madison Dzierwa, Logan Frost, Hunter Smith, Amber Underwood; Wauseon – Jozlyn Smallman.

-Submitted by Lexi Poulson

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