In June, members attended breakfast on the farm, and Pettisville helped at five of the stations that were there. The theme for the event was safety and some of the topics were rollovers, wagon and grain bin safety, combine simulator and safety with PTO’s. Jessica McWatters stated that, “It was a great opportunity to educate the young children about tractor safety while making it fun, and seeing the public learn about agriculture of all kinds was awesome.”

The Pettisville FFA officers met at the Rufenacht Chalet for our summer officer retreat and training. In our first session we worked on what we as a team want the FFA to look like this year. We also did activities to practice working as a team. In session two we went over the jobs of each officer and compared them to the jobs that we do it committees. We looked at the three different categories of committees and studied what each category does compared to the other ones. The categories are Growing Leaders, Strengthening Agriculture and Building Communities. During session three, the officers looked at the motions that go with parliamentary procedure and played a game to learn some of the motions. In our final session we played another game to learn the motions of parliamentary procedure. We worked with partners and each pair was given a committee category that they organized and created the steps that would be needed to complete two projects for two committees in their category and one of the projects was something new that Pettisville FFA has never done before.

Ava Hoylman, Chapter Sentinel, stated the retreat “enabled us to learn how to work better as a team and gave us a better idea of how to effectively manage our offices.”

Matthew Rupp, the Chapter’s vice president, said, “It helped us to get to know each other so we will be able to work together better. It also helped us to lay out goals and plan ahead for the year.”

President Jessica McWatters added, “that officer training is a great opportunity to spend time together, especially in a year like this one because several officers are totally new to the team.” McWatters stated, “... this helped us to have a more complete understanding of our responsibilities as leaders of the chapter.” She also mentioned that it was good to take time to set goals and plan together.

This summer the Pettisville FFA members have been working on their personal Supervised Agricultural Experiences, or SAE, which could range from working at a restaurant, raising animals, working on communication skills to working outside mowing yards.

The Pettisville FFA Chapter was named a two-star chapter at the National FFA Chapter competition. After being named a Gold Chapter in Ohio, chapters send their application to National FFA judging and are rated as 3, 2 or 1 Star Chapters.

Kayla Wyse was notified that she is a national finalist in her proficiency area of Agriscience Research — Plant Systems. Baden Skates and Kayla Wyse both qualified for National Agriscience fair. Baden’s study was in the power systems category and Kayla’s study was in the environment systems category. There are 12 students from the nation selected in each category and division (6 divisions/category).

-Submitted by Andrew Hulbert, Pettisville FFA reporter


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