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Crystal Alexander is sworn in as a new Liberty Center council member Tuesday by Mayor Max Fetterman.

LIBERTY CENTER — Village Council Tuesday approved two bids for projects.

Council members once again reviewed quotes for storm sewer catch basin installation on East Street in an area near the Circle K location and on Damascus Street on a property near the school.

Two bids for the work were reviewed at council’s previous meeting, but no award was made so members could receive more information on project time tables. Maintenance Superintendent Brad Godwin also reported he received a third bid on the project Tuesday.

Council approved a bid of $5,375 from Panning Excavating, LLC of Deshler for the work.

Godwin said village staff will make sure there is not a water main in the area, which will allow the basin to go into a section that will not require the costs of items like traffic control. Godwin added he was told Panning should be able to start the project within the next 30 days.

Council also received two bids to remove three trees on a cemetery site. Members also discussed this project at council’s previous meeting, but no award was made so a second quote could be received.

A bid of $2,325 was approved from Roth Tree Services for the work. One additional tree is also being considered as part of the project, but it was not included in the approved bid.

It was noted this work will take approximately half of the tree funds slated for 2020. Council members Jerry Endicott and Chris Schultz noted there are trees throughout the village that need attention.

Endicott said the village is behind on the upkeep of trees, and expressed a desire to catch up on the work and keep the upkeep going on a schedule. Godwin said he is currently discussing the matter with tree services, and information is being sought on an hourly rate structure to potentially address items such as tree branches.

At Tuesday’s meeting, council approved temporary appropriations for approximately $490,000. These appropriations are for the operations of the village through April.

In other business, council approved the appointment of Crystal Alexander to a vacant council seat. The seat was vacated by former council member Landis Burmeister, who resigned after stating he planned to move outside of the village.

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