ARCHBOLD - The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (NwOESC) recently approved multiple 21st Century items for area school districts.

The board approved 21st Century site coordinators, including Bryan Hieber, Patrick Henry Elementary School; Stacy Beaverson, Amber Fryzel and Amy Kreiner, Wauseon Middle School; Melissa Barnhart, Defiance Middle School; and Ellen Bernal, Pike-Delta-York Elementary School.

The board approved 21st Century teachers, including Michelle Hohenberger, Holgate High School; Beth Hoops, Amy Kirkendall, Lisa Kleman, Rebecca Leonard, Tabitha Maas, Karen Phillips, Cheryl Shively, Angela Schroeder and Taylor Ziegler, Patrick Henry Elementary School; Amy Boyers, Christian Crew, William Friess, Amber Fryzel, Kevin Heintschel, Allison Hilton, Kevin Kreiner, Catherine Lemley, Lauren Martinez, Katie Miller, Ashley Oyer, Christopher Thomas, Sheila Vernot and Christine Zirkle, Wauseon Middle School; Cynthia Cereghin, Mary Frank, Edward Miller, Sara Ohm and Amanda Rettig, Defiance Middle School; Kirsten Mignin and Michelle Stickley, Pike-Delta-York Elementary School; Madeline Byers, Taryn Casteel, Brooke Chinni, Kersten Davis, Kimberly Kahl, Ariel Ohlemacher, Leigh Pancoast, Kori Reiser, Jennifer Schmidt and Dakota Ulrich, Swanton Middle School.

Approved 21st Century program assistants include Peggy Schwiebert, Patrick Henry; Susan Benson, Susan Coll, Victoria Godsey and Gwendolyn Wills, Wauseon Middle School; Michelle Scott, Defiance Middle School; Angelina Barnes, Olga Hall and Susan Starr, Pike-Delta-York Elementary School; Deborah Mangas and Dawn Sullivan, Swanton Middle School.

Approved 21st Century specialized education assistants include Angelina Barnes, Brenda McCullough, Dana Meiring and Susan Starr, Pike-Delta-York Elementary School.

Approved 21st Century drivers include Dennis Peabody and Rebecca Peabody, Wauseon Middle School.

The board also approved:

•Substitute paraprofessionals including Jeri Beaverson, Karen Breece, Jennifer Brubaker, MaryAnn Bunke, Brenda Detmer, Corrine Ehrhart, Jessica Fleetwood, Susan Gerig, Marlo Hanak, Sally Hogrefe, Susan LaDuke, Randy Luke, Pamela Menz, Martha Ringenberg and Susan Stalter.

•Substitute teachers including Jannette Adkins, Brigette Bartko, Melinda Bell, William Blystone, Bruce Brown, Daniel Bruner, John Bucklew, Kathryn Burk, Cynthia Champer, Courtney Cobb, Susan Coll, Cherie Dupler, Tammy Elling, Phillip Fogle, Andrea Freimuth, James Gallehue, Greg Gobrogge, Jeffery Gonzales, Beth Headley, Sandra Hillard, Michelle Hoffman, Rodney Koch, Randy Luke, Alexander Lutheran, Jill Mack, Sarah Macsay, Ashley McClure, Natalie Miller, Beth Nagel, Christine Nash, Elizabeth Panning, Tricia Pfund, Steven Pieracini, Sheryl Plank, Jan Revill, Margaret Schuurman, Dawn Sharpe, Cynthia Shoup, Susan Stalter, Dawn Stechschulte, Paul Stoll, Peggy Sullivan, Julie VanWormer, Laura Vasko, Ashlynn Waidelich, Megan Weaver, Helen Weese, Sheila Whitlock, Susan Wines and Laura Woloszyn.

•Kandice Lemley as a 2019-20 substitute office coordinator. Lemley and Patricia Shotwell were approved as 2020-21 substitute office coordinators.

•A resolution to maintain employment and compensation of employees, contracted service providers and consultants for the remainder of the fiscal year 2020 to support continued operations.

•Membership in the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA) for the period of July 1-June 30, 2021.

•A purchase of transmitter, receiver, hearing aids, and other amplification equipment from Phonak U.S., which is above the purchasing agent limit, with general funds.

•Membership in The Ohio Coalition for Equity & Adequacy of School Funding for 2020-21.

•A quote from Ohio School Plan for property, liability, and automotive insurance coverage for the period July 1-June 30, 2021.

•The fiscal year 2021 appropriation measure for general funds as listed with carryover of current year encumbrances to arrive at the expendable budget amounts, and all other funds (special cost centers of 9000 and higher) with encumbrances also to be carried forward with their ending cash balances and appropriations into the new fiscal year.

•A transfer from the general fund to the building maintenance fund for fiscal year 2021. NBEC/NWOCA will be invoiced the identical amount for the fund with the combined resources allocated to pay all regular maintenance/custodial expenses in said fiscal year. Expenses will be reviewed prior to the end of the fiscal year to insure a positive fund balance.

(Information courtesy of NwOESC.)

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