Bridge progress

This view of the Riverview bridge project is seen from the south side of the Maumee River Friday.

The following is an Ohio Department of Transportation update on a project which is constructing a new bridge over the Maumee River near Napoleon. The $10.3 million project began in February and will be completed in June 2022. Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, is the general contractor.

Currently happening ...

Construction of a new bridge near Napoleon, which will continue Industrial Drive over the Maumee River, began Feb. 13. The new bridge will provide additional access across the river and will supplement the only other bridge in the city on State Route 108.

Currently, crews are finishing the earthwork on the south side of the bridge along State Route 110. A 30-day period, which began June 19, is required to allow the earth to settle before work may resume in that area.

The bridge will feature seven piers which are the supports for the new bridge. On the north side, concrete is currently being poured for piers No. 6 and No. 7. Also happening on the north side, the bridge abutment is under construction. The abutment is the structure at the very end of the bridge on which the bridge beams are set.

The project also includes construction of two roundabouts, one at each end of the bridge. A roundabout on the southern end of the bridge, on the Rte. 110 side, is under construction and will be completed this year. The area is currently in a 30-day period to allow the soil to settle before work may resume. State Route 110 will close in early September as part of that work.

Construction for a roundabout on the northern end will not begin until next year.

What’s coming up ...

In the coming week, work will continue on pouring pier columns and forming pier caps. More to come on that.

Fun fact

When complete, the new bridge will measure 948 feet, 4 inches long.


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