COLUMBUS – The All-Ohio State Fair Band & Youth Choir have announced their membership for the 2018 Ohio State Fair.

Seth Tonjes of Patrick Henry High School will be in the state choir as a tenor II.

The All-Ohio State Fair Band was founded in 1925 and the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir was founded in 1963. The band and choir, composed of a total of 400 superior musicians (203 in band, 197 in choir) from 69 counties and more than 150 high schools all across Ohio, are a testament to the musical talents of young Ohioans.

The All-Ohio State Fair Band, directed by Brian W. Dodd, is made up of students ranging from grades 9-12. Members of the band learn more than 50 pieces of concert music to prepare for the fair and their traditional performance of John Philip Sousa’s “Stars and Stripes Forever!” which closes each of their performances.

Once the fair opens, the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, directed by Dr. Jon C. Peterson, sings six to eight concerts a day, marching up to 10 miles a day to various performance sites around the 360-acre Ohio Expo Center. Members of both the band and choir are selected based on a number of factors including student ability and recommendation from choral or band directors.

The All-Ohio State Fair Band and Youth Choir will also be performing a free concert July 29 at 1 p.m. in the WCOL Celeste Center in addition to daily performances.

Other area musicians in the band and choir include:

From Fulton County:

•Band: Zachary Hines, alto saxophone, Delta High School; Isaac Summers, tenor saxophone, Pike Delta York High School; Payton Webster, trombone, Pike Delta York High School.

•Choir: Ashton Dominique, soprano II, Fayette; Justin Krempec, bass I, Evergreen High School; Trinity Leady, alto II, Fayette High School; Hannah Prentiss, alto II, Evergreen High School; Benjamin Schwan, bass II, Evergreen High School and Tessa Shaffer, alto I, Fayette High School.

From Putnam County:

•Band: Micah Flores, baritone: treble clef, Leipsic School District; Dylan Hiegel, trumpet/cornet, Leipsic High School; Antonio Paso-Tero, baritone saxophone, Leipsic Local School and Eric Williamson, percussion, Leipsic High School.

•Choir: Alisandra Minjarez, soprano I, Leipsic Local Schools; Carter Moore, bass II, Kalida High School; Ivy Parker, soprano I, Columbus Grove High School and Ariel Valdez, alto I, Leipsic High School.

From Williams County:

•Band: Austin Echler, sousaphone/tuba, North Central Local High School; Lydia Grime, baritone: treble clef, Monpelier High School; Evan Livengood, baritone: bass clef, North Central Local High School; Blake Sakos, French horn, North Central Local High School and Trystan Yoder, alto saxophone, North Central Local High School.

•Choir: Madison Baughman, alto I, Fayette Local School; Mark Pearly, bass I, Millcreek West Unity; Samantha Ridgway, alto I, Edon Northwest; Haley Wehrle, soprano II, North Central High School and Sterling Wisniewski, bass I, Styker High School.

From Wood County:

•Band: Sophia Bird, tenor saxophone, Bowling Green High School; Damon Dotson, tenor saxophone, North Baltimore High School; Erica Hartley, flute/piccolo, Lakota High School; Erin Hartley, clarinet, Lakota High School; Elaine Hudson, oboe, Bowling Green High School and Hana Windham, trumpet cornet, Fostoria Jr. Sr. High School.

•Choir: Trinity Morelock, alto I, Lakota High School; Sarah Sievers, alto I, Lakota High School.

I started at the Northwest Signal in 1994 and became editor in 2004. I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1994.

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