New river bridge

Above is a view Friday from State Route 110 of the new river bridge being constructed in Napoleon.

The following is an Ohio Department of Transportation update on a project which is constructing a new bridge over the Maumee River near Napoleon. The $10.3 million project began Feb. 13, and will be completed in June 2022. Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, is the general contractor.

Currently happening ... The abutment wall on the south side has been poured and is now in its curing stage. As on the north side, the south abutment is the structure at the very end of the bridge on which the bridge beams will be set. Removal of the false decking from beneath the completed section of bridge is now complete as well. The false decking is the wooden structure attached to the underside of the bridge which keeps construction debris from falling below.

Permanent light poles within the roundabout were installed and placed into operation on Wednesday of last week.

Work to switch the stone causeway from the north to the south side of the river began this week and is nearly complete. This will allow crews access from within the river to begin constructing the second half of the bridge.

What’s coming up ... The Ohio Department of Transportation expects to begin the drilled shafts for piers No. 3, No. 2 and No. 1 on Dec. 1. Until then, little activity will be occurring on the project.

Fun fact ... There are 21 drilled shafts that will support the bridge (7 piers, 3 columns per each pier). Each shaft will be drilled 9 feet into the bedrock below.


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