DESHLER — Village council Monday learned summer park preparations made progress during the days without rain.

Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen reported three mowers were recently serviced following increased usage. He said some areas of the park are still too wet to drive equipment onto, but the majority has been worked on as the parks opened for the season.

Kitchen added the grounds of Pirate Park have been worked on to prepare for the village’s upcoming festival, and areas reported as zoning nuisances have also been mowed.

It was also reported the pool opened on schedule, with no concerns raised at its annual inspection and no leaks discovered.

Council also passed its ordinance prohibiting grass clippings from being discarded onto the village street right-of-ways. The matter was discussed entering the spring and summer seasons as the discarded grass clippings can potentially clog storm sewer basins and they are a safety concern for motorcycles traveling on roadways.

It was discovered the matter was not covered by Ohio’s Basic Code adopted by the village, so the ordinance was prepared for council, who passed the measure suspending the rules requiring three readings.

Council also passed a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Henry County Land Reutilization Corp. for the village to provide mowing services for properties in the land bank within village limits. There are currently two such properties in Deshler and the agreement is for up to $400 per year per property.

Council also:

•Approved transfers from the income tax fund to the general fund and parks and recreation funds, and from the general fund to the electric fund.

•Learned the police committee meeting has been rescheduled to Monday, June 17 at 6 p.m.

•Learned work has been done on the restrooms at the ballfield and signage at the city building.

•Learned chip sealing work will be done in the village in four to five weeks. Kitchen added discussions have been held for next year’s streets project budgets.

•Learned a total of eight residents have now used the village’s sidewalk rehabilitation program, and three more applications have been picked up.

•Discussed the village’s curfew ordinance now that school is out for summer.

•Reviewed a community development report stating quarterly reports for a safety grant is being submitted, the park’s sidewalk project is progressing and an outdoor fishing grant is pending an organizer for the annual fishing derby.

•Learned mosquito spraying in the village began last week.

•Discussed the possibility of a business developing a private drive and a scale system to direct semi trucks directly onto its property instead of having them travel on the village’s roadways.

•Learned a house on Walnut Street is up for sale and a review of the property shows an addition to the structure is approximately 1 inch into the village’s alley right-of-way. Council raised no objection to granting easement upon the closing of the sale.

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