Rob Rettig


After 11 years of service, Rob Rettig is stepping down as a member of the Napoleon Area City Schools Board of Education.

The board accepted Rettig’s resignation, effective today, at its meeting Tuesday evening.

“It has been an honor to serve the children and community and staff,” Rettig said in his resignation letter. “I am extremely supportive of Mr. (Superintendent Erik) Belcher, the present board of education, our administrative staff. It is my sincere hope that the entire staff and community will enjoy and appreciate their dedication to education, love for children and desire to be a vital part of the constituency they serve.

“As for the reasons for my resignation, primarily I just feel that the timing is appropriate,” he continued. “Our children are now adults and we are less in touch with school activities. The board and administration are in excellent and capable hands. We are just feeling called, if you will, to head in a different direction.”

Rettig was appointed to the board in 2008 to replace John Stovcsik, who resigned. He was then elected to full terms starting in 2010, 2014 and 2018. His term expires at the end of 2021.

Belcher said the board has 30 days to appoint a replacement.

Rettig’s fellow board members thanked him for his service and contributions to the district.

“We appreciate your dedication, first of all, to Napoleon Schools and your contributions have been many, so we thank you for all of that,” said board vice president Michael Wesche. “Personally, you’re a man of great integrity and it’s been a pleasure to serve with you, so thank you.”

Board member Marcia Bruns noted she and Rettig started on the board around the same time.

“I feel like a little piece is missing,” she said. “You’ve done so much for the district.”

Board president Ty Otto also echoed those comments and said Rettig will be missed.

“You’ve been an important part of the board as long as I’ve been on it and someone we can always look to for answers,” he said.

Rettig thanked the board members, the staff and students in the district and the community.

“The dedication of many of the past and present employees ... has truly been exemplary,” he said, adding he especially admires Belcher’s courage and conviction. “I’m quite confident if the staff and the citizens and this community buy into your culture, your vision, they’re going to enjoy a life that’s much more rich than they’ve ever experienced before, so thanks for coming on.”

Rettig closed out his remarks with a challenge: “To fully contemplate (and) realize the impact of our personal conduct and performance and realize what that means to our sense of community.

“This pertains to the quality of our work, as well as to the impact of each and every word, spoken or written,” he continued. “Everything that we do or neglect to do, everything we say, positive or negative, and everything we write or post should be undertaken with the intention of helping one another. Our primary goal should be to better the lives of each and every person with absolutely no regard to their status or affiliation.

“If this challenge is accepted, I believe the impact on our community — or any community — would be absolutely shocking,” he concluded. “We all better ourselves if we first better the lives of those around us.”

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