Current Henry County Treasurer Lisa Spiess will run as a Democratic candidate for the position in the Nov. 3 General Election.

Spiess, 49, of Napoleon was appointed as Henry County treasurer in December following the retirement of Calvin Spiess, who served in the position for nearly three decades. Spiess was sworn in Jan. 3, with the county treasurer seat being the first elected position she has held.

Spiess has been a lifelong Napoleon resident, graduating from Napoleon High School and receiving a bachelor’s degree of fine arts with a major in graphic arts. She said, while commuting to Bowling Green State University, she worked jobs locally, including as a teller for The Henry County Bank.

She has also previously worked in manufacturing for 15 years, starting on graphics, then moving on to customer service to handle national and international accounts. Spiess said her duties in that job included taking orders, delivering quotes, working with some shipping and managing day-to-day requirements for internal and external customers. In the manufacturing sector, she said she also helped with the safety committee, software testing and written manuals.

Spiess is married to her husband of 26 years, Mark, and the couple has a daughter, Taylor, and son, Scott.

“I started in the treasurer’s office in July of 2015 as a deputy treasurer, and then in January of 2020 I was sworn in as treasurer after being appointed by the Democratic party,” she said.

The county treasurer serves as the county’s banker and investment officer and also bills and collects taxes.

Spiess said the treasurer’s position has allowed her to help residents all over the county.

“I truly enjoy my job and would like to continue to serve as the Henry County treasurer for as long as the Henry County residents feel I am qualified,” she said. “I like to help people and I enjoy seeing a balanced book at the end of the day, along with knowing that I have provided a service of checks and balances. There is always a chance to help someone either gain a better knowledge of their taxes, the programs that Henry County has to offer or even just the chance to offer a smile when they walk in the door.”

With approximately a year of experience in the position, Spiess said she would like the chance to continue making improvements to the system, especially with communication.

“I have been working to give the residents more convenient ways to pay their taxes and intend to work more closely with the prosecutor’s office in order to clean up the delinquencies in the county and to find a better way to work with those delinquent individuals that both benefits the county and the taxpayer,” she said.

In working toward more convenience, 2020 saw the installation of a payment dropbox outside of the courthouse, and work is progressing to offer residents online payment options.

“My past has given me the work ethic, the drive and the tools to do the job,” Spiess said. “The graphics and computer background help me to incorporate necessary daily forms for the office and my spreadsheet knowledge is assisting in prioritizing our focus on delinquencies. I have dealt with money, balancing, state and local laws and regulations, continued education, have determination, and I truly enjoy the full capacity of customer service.”

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