McCLURE — Village council Monday approved a contract with Henry County Sheriff’s Office for patrol hours in the village, although the details were a matter of contention.

Mayor Dean Dawson presented a copy of the contract, which was previously requested by village council at 20 hours per week at a cost of $30 per hour and went through Dec. 31. Dawson noted the effective date of the contract, which has already been approved by the county commissioners, was Aug. 7 and recommended council approve the contract with the amendment it is effective Sept. 1.

Several residents who were in attendance questioned whether the village really needed 20 hours per week in patrolling.

“This is our money. We don’t want to be wasting it,” Maribel Gonzalez-Perry said. “Let’s just try it at 10 hours.”

A motion was made to approve the contract for 15 hours per week starting Sept. 1 and for one year, which was followed by additional comments made by residents in attendance urging council to vote for a shorter period of time or for a less amount of hours per week.

Since the original motion had already been made, a vote was held. That motion failed 1-4, with council member Larry Bahler voting in favor and council members Paul Gray, Jeromy Burt, George Miller and Kishwa Jenkins voting against the measure. Council member Craig Anderson was not in attendance at the meeting. The vote was met with applause and several thanks from those in attendance.

A motion was then made to adjust the contract not to exceed 15 hours per week for six months, effective Sept. 1, which was also met with calls from visitors to lower it to 10 hours per week. The vote for 15 hours per week was approved 4-1, with Bahler, Gray, Jenkins and Burt in favor and Miller against.

In other matters:

•Fiscal officer Lisa Heft reported the village is anticipated to receive approximately $17,000 in additional revenue in 2020 due to the gas tax increase that went into effect this summer.

•Dawson reported the engineer’s estimate for the Coldwater Street paving project is $61,500, half of which would be the village’s responsibility. The project will be bid through the county engineer’s office.

•Gray relayed a concern about the mosquito sprayer’s vehicle traveling too fast down the streets. Heft said she has previously been informed a specific speed is required for the spraying and advised Gray can contact the company for more information.

•A Tree Committee meeting was set for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 26, which is prior to the regularly scheduled council meeting at 7 p.m.

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