Knights Inn

As the follow-up to a complaint, an administrative warrant was executed Tuesday at Knights Inn by members of the Napoleon Fire and Rescue, Ohio State Fire Marshal’s Office, Napoleon Police Department and Henry County Health Department (at right). Health, nuisance and building code violations were reportedly found during the inspection.

An administrative warrant was served Tuesday at the Knights Inn in Napoleon due to a complaint that was filed with the Napoleon Fire & Rescue Department.

Napoleon Fire Chief Clayton O’Brien received the complaint regarding mold and passed it on to the State Fire Marshal’s Office. In the City of Napoleon, all hotels and motels fall under the State Fire Marshal’s inspection bureau.

The administrative warrant allowed the inspection of all the rooms instead of just the public areas of the hotel. The State Fire Marshal’s office was assisted by the Napoleon Fire & Rescue Department, Napoleon Police Department and Henry County Health Department.

According to a press release issued by the fire department, the inspection found violations involving the health, safety and well-being of the occupants of the building, including missing smoke alarms, cooking appliances and long-term living were noted, along with observations of bed bugs and other types of bugs in the facility.

“The goal of this inspection was to ensure the Knights Inn is providing a safe and healthy place to stay in the City of Napoleon,” O’Brien stated. “We were at a fire within the past year at this location and the safety of the residents is our department’s number one priority.”

Brian Bohnert, public information officer for the Ohio Department of Commerce, which includes the state fire marshal’s office, said personnel from the state office was present to support the local police and fire departments in conducting a follow-up on a complaint since the department licenses the hotel and referred questions to the city.

In addition to the fire marshal’s office violations, city inspectors found numerous nuisance and building code violations such as tall grass and weeds, standing water in the unmaintained pool, peeling paint, junk and debris on the property and abandoned and junk vehicles stored on the property.

“This facility has a history of noncompliance with state and city codes. Perpetual code violations cannot be tolerated, and we have to hold people and businesses accountable,” Napoleon City Manager Joel Mazur said. “It is unfortunate for the people that stay and live here because it gives them a false sense of security.”

An inspection report will be generated by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, along with a notice of violation to the property owner. The property owner will then have 30 days to bring the property into compliance. Violations of the City of Napoleon municipal code will be filed separately.

The business remains open during this process.

(Information courtesy of Napoleon Fire & Rescue Department.)

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