Bridge project

The following is an Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) update on a project which is constructing a new bridge over the Maumee River near Napoleon. The $10.3 million project began in February and will be completed in June 2022. Vernon Nagel Inc., Napoleon, is the general contractor.

Currently happening ... Work on the roundabout — Henry County’s first – on the south side of the river is progressing very well since State Route 110 closed on Aug. 31 for 45 days for its construction. The curb and gutter for the roundabout is currently being poured. Next week, the splinter islands that funnel traffic into and out of the roundabout, and the truck apron in the center of the roundabout, will be poured. At that point, all of the concrete for the roundabout will be complete.

On the bridge itself, the fiberglass rebar on the bridge deck is being installed. That will occur over the next several days, along with forming of the bridge deck. The concrete deck is scheduled to be poured the evening of Sept. 23. The entire deck of the portion of the bridge that has been constructed will be poured in one night. After that, the concrete will cure for seven days.

What’s coming up ... Within the next two weeks, placing and grading of the stone base of the new roadway leading into and through the roundabout will take place. That will be followed by placement of three levels of asphalt – base, intermediate and the final driving surface.

Electrical work for the future lights within the roundabout will also occur within the next two weeks. Pavement striping will be the final operation to complete the roundabout, which is expected to open in mid to late October.

After the bridge deck has cured, crews will begin placing an eight-inch water line on the east side of the bridge and will begin forming the parapets, which are the outside walls of the bridge, and the six-foot sidewalk on the west side of the bridge.

The north portion of the bridge will be largely complete before the stone causeway is flipped to the south side and work begins on the second half of the bridge.

Fun fact ... Next week is National Roundabouts Week. It’s the perfect time to prepare for and celebrate the coming of Henry County’s first roundabout, expected to open in mid to late October. To learn about the immense safety benefits of roundabouts and driving tips, visit the Federal Highway Administration’s website:


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