DESHLER - Village council recently learned a number of projects will be done this year in Deshler at little cost to the village due to grant awards.

Deshler Community Development Coordinator DonL Parsons reported the capital improvement project construction at Pirate Park is planned for late March/early April. This project is for exercise equipment and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant paved corners at a project cost of $41,160. The cost is offset by a grant of $20,580 and $6,848 in pledges, meaning the village's cost is $13,732.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) NatureWorks Pirate Park project is planned to completed concurrently with the capital improvement project. This project is for a new shelter house/bus stop with tables, a grill and sidewalks. This project cost is $36,189, which is offset by a grant of $26,698 and pledges of $4,100. This leaves a village share of $5,391.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) South Pine Street bridge project is scheduled to start April 4. This project is being covered by a 95% grant from ODOT and the remainder will be covered by grants and loans from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) in the amount of $216,471.

"All of the costs are not final, but we will have a new bridge at a very minimal cost," Parsons said in his report.

The village's two water towers will be repaired internally to prevent rust at a cost of $155,715 after July. A 90% grant was received from the Ohio Department of Development for this project to cover $139,715 of the costs. The remaining $16,000 will be covered by an OPWC grant.

Four streets will be paved in the village in the fall, including North Lind Street from State Route 18 to Elm Street, Mulberry Street between Chestnut and Deshler streets, Plum Street between Park and Keyser streets and Wood at the curve to Maple Street. The total estimate for the work is $101,00 and the project is covered by a 50% grant/loan. This leaves a cost of $50,500 for the village.

In addition to the already-approved projects, Parsons reported there are two applications now submitted for approval.

There is an ODNR grant application submitted for a pedestrian bridge over Brush Creek at the reservoirs. The project estimate is $104,100, with a grant amount requested of $52,050. The application results are expected in April.

An application has been submitted for the Corn City Regional Fire District to receive turnout gear, hoses, an infrared camera and breathing apparatus at a total cost of $101,755. The grant amount is for $96,910 and final results for the application are anticipated in September.

In another matter, Parsons reported the village's income survey was executed and resubmitted to the State of Ohio for final approval. The survey originally stated 55% in the low- to moderate-income range in a sample survey count of 300 residents. It was reported the state requested the form be resubmitted to two decimal places in the calculation, resulting in 54.65% of the residents surveyed in that income range.

Once approved, this survey will be valid for the village for five years.

(Information courtesy of the Village of Deshler.)

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