LIBERTY CENTER — Village council Tuesday adjusted the dates for an unlimited garbage drop-off to account for dumpster availability and cleanup.

Council approved changing the dates to Wednesday, Oct. 14, Thursday, Oct. 15 and Friday, Oct. 16 from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. and Saturday, Oct. 17 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

The recommendation was made by Maintenance Superintendent Brad Godwin, who said, each time the village does the weekend-only dates, it doesn’t have more dumpsters available if needed. Godwin said the extra dumpsters are typically needed, and when the dumpsters at the site fill up, the overflow leaves items for village staff to clean up the following week.

Godwin added the weekday availability means the village’s maintenance staff is able to work the event during its normal hours, with one staff member present from 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m. and another from noon-8 p.m.

With residents working through weekdays, council member Bryan Rogers elected to work the Saturday shift to ensure the event is available to those people. Godwin was also advised to have contact information for council members in the event a maintenance emergency arises.

The gates will be locked outside of those hours, as well as through the weekend to prevent illegal dumping. Similar to the spring drop-off event, notices will be delivered to bulk water customers to notify them of the locked gates during this time.

In other business, council discussed the village brush pile, which is again due for grinding.

Quotes were received from Tawa Mulch at $5,424 and Go Green for $8,876. Tawa Mulch also presented an optional service to double-grind mulch to make available to the village, but council approved only the grinding services at $5,424.

The size of the brush pile was again discussed, with Brad Godwin and Sewer Superintendent Frank Godwin noting illegal dumping is contributing to it. On top of alleging people outside of the village are dumping materials at the site, it was reported people are also dumping materials such as construction debris, drywall, pallets, doors and fencing at the site.

Brad Godwin said the village typically did the brush grinding service approximately every three years, but the previous service was paid for in April 2019.

Council discussed keeping the gate to the location locked, as well as potentially using a camera system for security at the site.

Mayor Jay Branson said the village should plan on starting to lock the fence at the location, and provide instructions to bulk water customers on opening, closing and locking the gate. Signage was also discussed for the location.

“It won’t be foolproof, but anything is better than doing nothing,” Branson said of the site.

In order to have time to provide notice to the water customers, a goal of Nov. 1 was set in working toward this process.

Council also:

•Learned a couple of street lights are not functioning on Plum and United streets. Branson said Toledo Edison has been contacted for service.

•Learned the local Denny’s IGA location will be closing Sept. 25. Branson reported a process is still underway for a national retailer to locate at that site, but no contracts are in place as of Tuesday. He reported nothing further will happen until a process to remove gas tanks on the site is completed either this week or next.

•Approved appropriations for a second draw of municipal CARES Act funds for the village in the amount of $13,715.42. Branson noted there is still an Oct. 15 deadline in place for the village to utilize the funds before they are returned to the county. He said hand sanitizer stations have been ordered and encouraged village departments to stock up on sanitizer and personal protection equipment. It was noted some of these materials are difficult to find and are on back order, but Treasurer Kris Carico said as long as an order is placed and a quote is received, a purchase order to be made to encumber the items for the fund. This means the village can have backorder purchases through the CARES Act fund approved by Oct. 15 and wait to receive them beyond that date.

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