MALINTA — Village council Monday held another discussion on a possible ordinance that would allow for the operation of low-speed vehicles on village streets.

Council’s intended implementation of the ordinance would be to allow regulated use of golf carts on village roadways.

The State of Ohio recently updated its revised code on the operation of low-speed, under-speed or utility vehicles, as well as mini-trucks, and some municipalities, such as the City of Wauseon have recently implemented similar ordinances to add local regulations.

The ordinance was previously discussed by council, and a sample ordinance was provided for review Monday. Council member Curt Badgley said he has talked with other municipalities with similar legislation in place and made notes on how they implemented their regulations.

The state revised code allows some of these vehicles to be operated at 16 years old, but it was suggested the age for the Malinta ordinance be set to 18.

Other discussed regulations included having a valid driver’s license, maintaining insurance coverage and having the vehicle pass an inspection. The vehicles would only be able to drive on village-owned roadways with speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less.

The proposed process for allowing golf carts on the roadway is having those interested apply and pay for a permit sticker at the village office.

No reading was done on the ordinance as council members wished to further discuss the issue. Council will decide on the revisions and discuss the matter with its solicitor.

In other business, Council member Vicki McKeever reported she recently spoke with Sue Hammer of the Patrick Henry library board to discuss local library efforts. She said the board could begin work on the minimum requirements needed to house the library should the village develop a building that could host it.

Council has long discussed the possibility of constructing a building that could host the village offices as well as a public library. The library was previously located in the Malinta-Grelton Elementary School, but the building has been closed since the school district consolidated to one campus.

McKeever asked if council supported the implementation of a local library if it were possible in the future, and the members confirmed support. McKeever will continue discussions with Hammer to identify possible solutions for such a public space.

Council also:

•Discussed its bulk fill water station, noting the top fill is still out of operation. Mayor Jerry Rohrs said the station needs to be ready for spring to accommodate local farmers, but noted the village rate is higher than what is charged at other stations. Roberta Streiffert of Rural Community Assistance Program noted annual declines in revenue for the service and said it could be reviewed as a part of an analysis of the village’s water rates.

•Discussed sinking pavement in an alley as a result of a recent gas company project.

•Discussed possible methods to require property sold in the village to be surveyed. Rohrs noted the village has little record on surveys for properties that were sold off by the old rail line.

•Discussed the structural condition of a property in the village. Zoning Inspector Mark Baden requested a deed search to find the owner of the property.

•Approved a $50 due for the Northwest Ohio Mayors and Managers Association. Rohrs said he intends to go to an upcoming NOMMA reception in Perrysburg.

•Learned calls have been placed to area departments for the sale of the village’s police car. Rohrs said if the vehicle is sold to a government entity such as a police department, bids are not necessary.

•Approved the purchase of a pressure washer for $269 to clean off the park bathrooms.

•Learned the building and equipment committee recently met to review village equipment. The committee will check in with the board of public affairs to get approval to sell equipment owned by the sewer department.

•Learned the tree committee recently met, and it was reported the next grant application for tree funds is due March 1. The committee is reviewing what it wishes to purchase and identify places to plant new trees.

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