LIBERTY CENTER — A local health official is stating illnesses affecting a handful of students at Liberty Center Local Schools are not related to the school building.

Henry County Health Commissioner Mark Adams said the health department was notified two weeks ago that a poison control report was filed by a doctor regarding a patient who is a student at Liberty Center Local Schools.

Adams said there are five high school students on the same fall sports team who have experienced medical issues over a six-week period.

The initial poison control report led to health department officials visiting the school to investigate environmental factors which could be involved, but nothing was found.

“It’s nothing related to the school,” Adams said, adding there’s no medical diagnosis to indicate it’s an issue with lights, water or air quality. “There’s no children in danger there.”

Due to privacy laws, Adams said the medical diagnoses of the five students can’t be shared, which has led to rumors in the community about seizure-like symptoms that might connected to the school.

“It’s nothing related to the school,” he said, adding not all of the diagnoses of the five children are the same. “It places no other children at risk.”

A statement released on social media by Superintendent Tod Hug stated, “Each student in our school has unique medical histories and it would be a violation (of) HIPPA on my part to discuss such with anyone outside the professional community. Suffice it to say that we are working with the parents and medical professionals, as well as the county health department, to assist our students and our families to overcome any medical issues being experienced. According to health officials, none of the medical challenges being experienced as related to the physical environment of the new school.”


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