St. Paul Lutheran School

St. Paul Lutheran School in Napoleon has been continually planning the return of students in the fall. The school currently intends to host students in-class, five days a week, with state and local guidelines in place.

St. Paul Lutheran School reported it intends to return to the 2020-21 school year with students inside classrooms five days per week.

The information was reported by Pastor Peter Marcis, who said the school has been continually planning the return of students in the fall.

“Our faculty and staff have been working diligently to establish protocols and physical changes to the building in order to comply with the most recent and stringent recommendations from federal, state and county public health authorities,” Marcis said. “This plan has been reviewed by senior members of our organization, the school board, as well as local public health officials.”

Marcis reported a UV sanitizing system has been purchased and installed in every classroom through the (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

“This system will assist to sterilize the air as it circulates through the classroom,” he said.

Marcis added a portable UV light sanitizing system will circulate from room to room at the end of each school day to sanitize surfaces.

It was also reported teachers have arranged the seating and designs of the classrooms to maximize spacing and meet the recommended six feet of distancing. Marcis said, in cases where this was not possible, poly-glass barriers have been installed.

“These barriers have been designed and constructed to both ensure the required separation, but also, importantly, to minimize the impact on effective classroom learning techniques,” he said.

It was also reported each student will have their own supply of materials in order to reduce contact. This means students will not be sharing items such as hand sanitizer, face shields and tissues. Marcis said the school plans to follow the recommendations put forth by the Ohio Department of Education in regard to the use of face coverings.

As previously described by the State of Ohio, face coverings are strongly recommended for all students grades three and up. Face coverings could be required for students in certain circumstances or areas of the building, and each district will determine those criteria. School employees are required to use a face covering or partition with exceptions when it significantly interferes with instruction.

The school’s hallways and classrooms have been marked to signal the recommended 6 feet of distancing throughout the building. Hand sanitizer stations will placed throughout the building as well.

“These plans are both effective, as well as fluid, in the sense that as the situation changes and/or health authorities’ recommendations change, St. Paul Lutheran School can adapt to these new requirements,” Marcis said.

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