DESHLER — Village council Monday was updated on the process of sorting debris at the former lumberyard site.

In February, council approved of the demolition of the former lumberyard structure, following the site being declared a health and safety hazard by officials from the Wood County Building Inspection. The property is not owned by the village, but, to address the safety concerns, it put forward $25,000 to push the building in and place a fence around the site for one year.

In a July meeting, the stacked rubble on the site was addressed, as Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen stated the owner of the property is unlikely to ever come forward to remedy the situation. With the limited time remaining on the fence rental, council decided to be proactive in sorting the site with village staff, as materials such as brick can be crushed and used for maintenance work in the village.

On Monday, Kitchen reported staff continues to separate the brick at the lumberyard. He reported amounts of large timber were separated, and he is in discussions with someone possibly willing to take those materials.

It was noted village residents have inquired about the timber for purposes such as using it in their wood burners. Kitchen said if the person he is in discussion with does not want all of the material, residents may be able to organize a time with him to come and pick up leftover timber.

Kitchen noted there is “a lot to go” in sorting the site, but it was noted the size of the debris pile is decreasing.

Council also:

•Approved an interfund transfer to move money from the general fund to the electric fund for the purposes of kilowatt hour tax and CD interest.

•Approved an ordinance for a supplemental appropriation, suspending the rules requiring three readings. Treasurer Lisa Sugg reported the appropriations account for a second receipt of CARES Act municipal funds at more than $20,000. As part of a written report submitted by Deshler Community Development Coordinator DonL Parsons, a list of possible purchases were provided based on the CARES Act funds.

•Approved renewing its health insurance coverage through Paramount from Oct. 1-Sept. 30, 2021. Sugg reported there are new rates, but they are still below the rate of the village’s previous coverage from three years ago when it switched to Paramount.

•Discussed the condition of some of the trees at the village reservoir, as well as addressing a storm drain near the bank.

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