ARCHBOLD — The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center (NwOESC) recently approved multiple personnel matters.

The board approved:

•The retirement of Stuart Schnitkey, building maintenance tech, effective June 30.

•Resignations from paraprofessionals Amy Bressler, effective Jan. 30; Meredith Grime, effective Jan. 31; Teresa Hansen-Smith, effective Jan. 17; Andrea Valdez, effective Jan. 27; and Kelly Wasnich, effective Jan. 14.

•A one-year certified limited contract for Cadalynn Hoellrich, effective Jan. 7.

•One-year classified limited contracts for Sara Lawniczak, effective Jan. 21; and Kelly Wasnich, effective Jan. 8.

•Approved substitute paraprofessionals, including Becky Arps, Sally Hogrefe, Ashley Hurst, Kristopher Lovingood, Jamie Osmun, Paige Sickmiller, Elizabeth Spangler and Alexandra Trivelas.

•Approved substitute teachers, including Becky Arps, Adriana Dockery, Skylar Finney, Lynda Fox, Joshua Hug, Ashley Hurst, Mia Hurst, Siera Kovar, Alexandria Lane, Kristopher Lovingood, Jamie Newman, Jamie Osmun, Timothy Phillips Sr., Paige Sickmiller, Elizabeth Spangler, Peyton Spiess, Zachary Tingley, Alexandra Trivelas and Blake Watkiss.

•Approved Mikala Avina for field experience as a Huntington University student for the spring semester, placed with Matt Ferguson.

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