Deshler Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen reported cleanup continues at the former lumberyard property. He recently told village council that the work is going at a “good pace” and the village is progressing toward the end of the project.

DESHLER — Updates continue at the village’s Reservoir Park.

Sewer Superintendent Brad Kitchen recently reported to council that the tree trimming project is completed at the reservoir. Village crews took four days to clean the trimmed materials, but Kitchen noted the work improves safety and accessibility at the location.

The village kept the ground mulch for use in the parks to surround the playground equipment areas. Kitchen said having the village grind a truckload results in $200 in savings compared to having mulch purchased and delivered.

Kitchen also reported review has been done to determine if a walkway bridge at the reservoir is possible.

The village is looking at the middle bank, or east side, as it is not known how the bank was built or what materials were used. Bore testing will need to be done in order to determine this and costs are being sought for the work.

Kitchen also reported block for pillars to place a new sign at the reservoir has been delivered. It is hoped the sign can be installed this month.

In other village park updates, Kitchen reported work is ongoing to prepare the ballfields for upcoming play and a new slide to replace damaged playground equipment has not yet been delivered.

It was also reported fishing licenses have been ordered with new regulations for size and bag limitations. Signs have also been ordered for installation around all reservoir locations.

Kitchen also reported the streets were swept for the first time this year. This is typically done three times a year, with the Village of Leipsic performing the service. Also, a six-by-six wooden post has been placed in the ground for mounting an LED speed sign on County Road 2 north of town.

Village crews also recently addressed a plugged sewer line on South Chestnut and West Maple streets, cleanup continues at the former lumberyard property, and it was reported employees are again attending monthly safety meetings.

Village council also received a report from Deshler Community Development Coordinator DonL Parsons, who said a GIS system update is planned.

Parsons reported he is working with Dan Jenkins at the Henry County Mapping Department to supply missing or incorrect addresses for homes and businesses in the village. This information will be used to update the county’s system for the Deshler map.

Parsons also reported a meeting was recently held with Rep. Jim Hoops, who has encouraged the village to plan for another State Capital Fund grant request next year. Parsons said it is encouraged that applicants consolidate several projects into one request, and the village will develop several projects and present them for consideration. Applications are approved at the state level and then administered by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

In another update, Parsons said there is still intention to develop “The Farm” subdivision. However, these plans have been delayed due to a number of reasons.

(Information courtesy of the Village of Deshler.)

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