LIBERTY CENTER — The village’s park board will continue to plan out long-term projects as well as how it can take advantage of grant opportunities.

It was reported at Thursday’s village council meeting that the board recently met with a representative of Poggemeyer Design Group and discussed upcoming grant opportunities.

Council Member Chris Schultz reported the board’s previous review showed members are looking at projects for areas such as the walking trails, concession stand and snow hill, along with the potential of installing sidewalk access to the current bathrooms, installing security lighting and expanding parking.

Later this year, the representative from Poggemeyer plans to meet with the board at the parks in order to review opportunities. It was also reported there are considerations for forming a non-profit organization for the parks so it will be able to raise money in order to match funds with grant opportunities.

Schultz said the board’s larger long-term plans include a combination concession stand/restroom/shelterhouse facility and a multi-purpose field. It was reported the basketball court needs resurfacing, and a discussion is being held on repaving that area and creating an all-purpose court to suit the needs of multiple sports/activities.

Schultz also noted groups are beginning to inquire about the ballfields to determine if they will be ready for play this upcoming season. She reported quotes are being received for stone in order to place gravel at the T-ball field. She added, with one dugout beginning to fall down in places, the dugouts will need to be addressed.

In other business, council heard a request by the water and streets departments for the purchase of a snowblower to clear areas at the water plant, municipal building and the Creager building, along with other employee areas. It was reported a backhoe has been previously used to clear these areas, but snowblower equipment would do the work more efficiently.

A quote for a 27-inch model was received from Red Barn Sales & Service at $1,099, which was approved by council.

Council also:

•Received correspondence from First Energy in regard to upcoming transmission line work. It was reported a pole fire recently caused an outage, and crews plan to do transformer hangouts and pole replacements on May 5. Because the new poles can be placed adjacent to the existing poles during the work, it is anticipated the work will not result in a loss of power.

•Discussed village seats that remain vacant. One village council seat and two seats on the zoning board are currently open, and the village is seeking information on those who may be interested.

•Continued discussing the possibility of establishing a cemetery endowment. The village’s solicitor is still seeking more information on the matter.

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