Jeremy Garcia

Jeremy Garcia was appointed to Holgate Village Council Tuesday evening. He replaces Tim Herndon.

HOLGATE — Jeremy Garcia was appointed to a vacant Holgate Council seat during Tuesday’s meeting.

Garcia was one of two applicants for the seat vacated by Tim Herndon, who has moved outside of the village limits and is no longer eligible to serve on council. Herndon had served on council since October 2011.

Garcia, who lives in the village with his wife and four children, said he grew up in Holgate and wants to help make the community stronger.

“You can be part of the solution or not, so this is my way of being part of the solution,” Garcia said.

Garcia, who owns the Clubhouse Pizza locations in Holgate and Florida, said his biggest passion is developing programs and avenues for kids to be engaged in the community.

“We’re kind of lacking that these days, so I’m hoping to be able to get stuff going and build something to help with that,” Garcia said. “The parks is a big one, I’m involved in coaching kids of all ages.

“Even just different programs to help kids stay out of trouble,” he added.

In other matters:

•Mayor Blake Tijerina said he has received comments about why there are often two village employees riding in the same work vehicle. Tijerina said the village only has two trucks and three workers, which is why that occurs, but asked council for their thoughts on the matter, including whether a third vehicle should be purchased so there’s one for each worker. Councilman Mike Medina said he’s not sure if another vehicle is necessary and suggested schedules be created to more effectively split up jobs. No action was taken, and discussion will continue in the future.

•Tijerina reminded residents that leaves must be bagged and placed at the curbside for pickup, which will be done through Nov. 30. Residents taking leaves to the yard waste site should only dump loose leaves and not leave any bags at the site.

•Following an executive session regarding the sale of property, council approved extending an offer of $5,000, plus legal fees, to sell approximately half an acre of property in the industrial park to Ohio Rotational Molding. Tijerina will contact the company with the offer.

•Council held an executive session regarding personnel. No action was reported after the session.

•Council approved a water bill adjustment for a resident due to a water leak.

The next council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Dec. 16 and will be held remotely due to increasing cases of COVID-19.

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