Henry County South Joint Ambulance District

The Henry County South Joint Ambulance District saw a 3% increase in transports and a 5% increase in total calls for service compared to 2019 in January through November 2020. It was reported this increase came entirely in October and November after months of decreases.

HAMLER — The Henry County South Joint Ambulance District is seeing its volume of calls weighing heavier at the tail end of the year for 2020.

As the district continues to provide services to the community through the pandemic, District Director Scott Buddelmeyer said more of a demand surfaced at the end of 2020. The data for December has not yet been reported for last year, but the first 11 months saw 540 calls for service and 379 patient transports.

These figures represent a 3% increase in transports and a 5% increase in total calls for service compared to 2019. Buddelmeyer said this would be a small increase overall, but he noted these increases came entirely in the months of October and November.

District board of trustee reports indicate there were 47 calls for service and 34 patient transports in October, and 66 calls for service and 47 patient transports in November.

“There was a significant increase in those months,” Buddelmeyer said, adding there was no trend noticed by the district to explain the increase.

Buddelmeyer said responses slowed down in the first months of the pandemic, and then rose in June and July to numbers that were comparable to the previous year. As the calls for service increased at the end of the year, Buddelmeyer said the district has been busy over the past couple of months.

In comparison, board reports showed the district experienced a 6.5% decrease in calls for service and 4.1% decrease in patient transport through the first six months of 2020 as compared to the previous year. April was reported to have an approximately 16% decrease in call volume compared to the same month in 2019.

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