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The congregation of First Baptist Church of Napoleon, pictured, will gather with Galilee Baptist Church of Defiance Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Henry County War Memorial for a prayer event.

Congregations from Napoleon and Defiance are coming together Thursday in the River City to pray for the U.S. while the country experiences turmoil from a variety of sources.

Pastor Ray Gaffney of Galilee Baptist Church of Defiance said his church will join with First Baptist Church of Napoleon Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Henry County War Memorial for a show of peace.

“It’s going to be awesome because we’re going to have whites and blacks and Hispanics, and all ages and genders, coming together just to pray for America,” Gaffney said.

“We’ll pray for the pandemic that we’re still in, pray for the protests that we’re in now,” he added. “You’ve got the pandemic which is an unseen enemy and you’ve got the (riots) which are a seen enemy.”

He said he also hopes the event can provide some leadership for the youth of the country, especially those taking part in the nation-wide protests.

“Most of the protesters are under 35, it just seems like they are leaderless,” Gaffney said. “I just wonder who can get on the news and calm them down, say please listen and please stop.”

He related a story of a church member whose son lives in Chicago and he told his mother his workplace was vandalized, making it impossible to go to work right now.

“You know, we’re trying to get the economy going again, and then this happens,” Gaffney said. “Your rioting is putting people out of work.”

“We’ll have prayer, sing a couple of songs and then we’ll also have words of inspiration from both pastors,” Gaffney said.

There will also be an event Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Defiance where the congregations of Galilee Baptist Church and King’s Cross will gather at that city’s war memorial.

“I’m hoping people will be fired up and want to do it the next week,” Gaffney said. “To me, as long as people are protesting, we should be praying. If they can protest daily, we should be praying for weeks.”

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