HOLGATE — Village council Tuesday approved a resolution asking the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) to make significant safety improvements to the intersection of state routes 218 and 108.

The intersection is the site of a fatal crash in late September where both drivers were killed. According to crash data from ODOT, there were eight crashes at the intersection from 2014-18 resulting in six injuries.

“... The Village of Holgate hereby requests that ODOT proceed with installation of significant safety improvements at the intersections of State Route 108 and State Route 281 at the earliest possible date in the interest of improving traffic safety at that location,” reads a portion of the resolution.

In other matters, council received a brief update on the previously discussed possibility of changing parking on Kaufman Street to only permit it along one side.

Mayor Blake Tijerina said, while he has not yet sent letters to residents of the street asking for their opinion on the issue, he has received feedback, mostly from businesses along the road, objecting to the proposed change.

“They were really opposed,” Tijerina said. “The reason for that is the church on Sundays and the funeral home, they use all of that for parking.”

Tijerina said he knows some municipalities will set exceptions for parking rules during specific times such as a church service. Tijerina said they could also set specific hours that would limit parking.

Village Administrator Rob Nagel noted that if exceptions are made, people will most likely continue to park there at other times as well.

Tijerina said he will send out the letters to residents to gather their opinions on the matter.

“We can still send out letters and see what everybody thinks, but I do know there’s already been really hard push back about them wanting to keep parking,” he said.

The idea to change the parking from both sides to one side was originally brought up in November 2018 by then-mayor Wally Snyder, who cited concerns with the traffic on the street and issues with mail delivery. Council requested input from residents along the road before making a decision.

Council also:

•Approved hiring Reid Waisner for the vacant maintenance worker position, contingent upon his acceptance. The starting wage will be $14.50 per hour for a 90-day probationary and then move to $15 per hour.

•Learned Fiscal Officer Sally Briggs has contacted Toledo Edison regarding painting the electric poles in the village. She said the request was put in for the company to provide the paint, but was informed it might not be received until after the first of the year.

•Approved a bill adjustment for a resident because of a water leak.

•Held an executive session for property acquisition and litigation. No action was reported following the session.

Council’s next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Oct. 22.

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