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Napoleon City Council this week moved ahead on one recommended fee, but rejected a recommendation to increase another.

With little discussion, council rejected a recommendation from the Napoleon Board of Public Affairs to increase the amount of refuse stickers needed on tires to be picked up during the city’s twice-a-year unlimited pickups.

Each refuse tag costs $2. The change would make passenger tires require two tags (one currently) to be collected during seasonal pickup. Semi truck tires would go from four tags to eight and tractor tires would go from six to 12.

The cost of tire collection has been increasing each year for the city, and last year during the spring cleanup the expense of disposal was about double that of revenue from the refuse tags.

The Napoleon Water, Sewer, Refuse, Recycling and Litter Prevention Committee discussed the issue with the BOPA, but made no recommendation.

Napoleon Mayor Jason Maassel and Napoleon Council President Joe Bialorucki both said this week they felt the income that would be derived from the increase, estimated at $230 based on last year’s collections, was not worth doing at this time.

Council requested the law director to bring back legislation concerning a recommendation from the Napoleon Parks and Recreation Board to institute a trail fee for golfers who bring their own motorized carts, either by driving them or hauling them, to the municipal course.

The fee was recommended to be half of what the current cart rental fee would be for various categories. According to Napoleon Parks and Recreation Director Tony Cotter, the issue occurs only a couple times a year, and those wanting to use their own cart are charged the normal cart rental fee.

“We thought it would be a good idea to put a rate in place in case those folks did want to bring their own carts to the golf course,” Cotter said.

Last year, council passed legislation allowing low-speed motorized vehicles, such as golf carts, on city streets as long as they are licensed and inspected as street legal.

Bialorucki said the fee would help pay for costs to maintain the golf cart path at the course, as well as other expenses such as carts.

Cotter said no other courses in the area currently have a trail fee.

Councilwoman Lori Siclair said she had a resident express concern about the fee, especially in light of the expense of getting a cart street legal. However, the trail fee would actually be a savings from the current policy.

In other business this week, council:

Approved first reading of an ordinance to annex three acres of land owned by William Meyers. Similar legislation was already passed to enter into an agreement with the township where the land is located.

Approved second reading of an ordinance to change the pay range for the bailiff position at Napoleon Municipal Court.

Requested legislation to apply for a Safe Routes to School grant.

Appointed Bialorucki and Councilman Ross Durham to the 2021 Tax Incentive Review Council.

Approved a donation of $948.52 for graduation shirts for students going through the D.A.R.E. program. The donation was provided by the Henry County Law Enforcement Trust Fund.

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