Liberty Center

The downtown area of Liberty Center was decorated with American flags in preparation of Memorial Day.

LIBERTY CENTER — Village council recently reviewed two projects and an equipment purchase.

Quotes were received for road work on Walnut Street. It was reported, for recent work, a crew had to cut the road open for access to storm sewer pipes. The area was backfilled with stone and grindings, and work was sought to have it milled out and patched.

Maintenance Superintendent Brad Godwin said different methods were presented to only fix the one area, but also to pave the whole roadway or only do an overlay for the roadway instead of milling.

Council expressed a desire to do the work as efficiently as possible, and decided to table the matter to further discuss village finances. Godwin said the grindings were still packed tight, so the matter could wait until that decision.

Members also reviewed prices for an equipment trailer. Godwin said he was considering a 10,000-pound capacity trailer for the purpose of the skid loader equipment. He said a decision on the width of the trailer is still being determined, but it was reported there is an approximately difference of $50 from one size to the next.

Because the trailer would have multiple uses, it was reported the cost of the trailer could be divided between various funds such as cemetery, park, sewer and water. Council approved of the purchase once the specifications were determined. It was reported it would take approximately a month to receive the trailer.

Work was also discussed to grind down a section of sidewalk that raised between a planted tree and the curb in the downtown area.

Council also discussed an alleyway that is used for the drive-thru of The Henry County Bank. Branson said he recently spoke with a representative of the bank, who noted previous work has repaved up to the end of the building. It was inquired if the remainder of that alleyway could be paved.

At Tuesday’s meeting, it wasn’t known whether that alleyway was the property of the village or private property. Branson said the village will look into the ownership and potentially get a quote for the paving to estimate the costs.

Council also:

•Decided to hold its next meeting in-person at the village office.

•Discussed complaints of vehicle violating traffic laws in the village. Mayor Jay Branson said he has observed locations where motorists are not slowing down when entering the village from county roads, and there are areas where motorists are not stopping for posted stop signs.

•Learned discussions were held on where place a sign at the park, and donated tables from a local business have been placed at the park. Branson noted more of the park, such as the ball diamonds may be made available soon due to recent guidelines issued from the state, but it is still uncertain whether there will be summer seasons.

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