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The Napoleon Safety and Human Services Committee Monday recommended the 2021 contract for fire and emergency medical services to council for approval.

The contract is between the city and the Henry County South Joint Ambulance District (HCSJAD) for EMS, as well as with the townships of Freedom, Harrison and Napoleon and the Village of Florida for EMS and fire services the city provides to those entities.

The projected share of expense through the contract will be as follows:

HCSJAD — $8,085.65;

Freedom Township — $16,857.57.

Napoleon Township — $126,892.28;

Harrison Township — $75,873.62;

Village of Florida — $11,583.69.

The city’s share of the contract is estimated at $788,027.45.

The cost sharing is based on a formula that has been used over several years.

The estimated expenses for this year are based on the 2020 actual expenses. There is the possibility the estimates could change based on a request made by one of the representatives of an agency with which the city contracts.

Scott Buddelmeyer, director of the HCSJAD, asked city officials to reconsider the way revenue coming from non-emergency medical transport runs provided by Napoleon Fire and Rescue are factored into the formula.

Currently, that revenue is not added in to the other revenue adjustments which are then credited to the outside entities, such as grant money and donations.

The fire department maintains staffing while other EMS personnel are performing the non-emergency transports.

“You’re generating revenue, so we’re helping pay for that, but we’re not seeing the benefits,” Buddelmeyer said.

City officials said the procedure has been the same since it started doing non-emergency transports in 2015.

However, they said they would review the issue to see if any changes need made. If so, the contract will be amended before it is finalized.

Napoleon City Council, as well as the township trustees, HCJSAD board of directors and Florida council, will need to approve the contract, which will go into effect in April.

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