DESHLER — Village council Monday weighed in on a resolution to authorize medical mileage reimbursement for employees as the matter received a first reading.

The legislation stems from a request received following a recent on-duty injury of a board of public affairs employee.

Council member Jim Suber questioned if such a reimbursement would be done through the standard workman’s compensation program. He said if that program would not make the mileage reimbursement, he felt it shouldn’t be a responsibility of the village. Council member Bob George acknowledged this was a valid question for the members’ decision.

Solicitor Jim Rode was in attendance, and while he will check into the information, he said he is not aware of any cases where the workman’s compensation program has reimbursed the mileage. He said such reimbursements are typically done on a personal tax return, but a person’s overall medical costs need to be a designated portion of their overall income.

Mayor Steve Gibson proclaimed the discussion as a first reading for the resolution. He said more information will be sought and the matter will be further discussed as it needs two more readings before it comes to a vote.

Council also:

•Heard Patrick Henry district updates from Superintendent Josh Biederstedt. He shared information on renovations to the high school, as well as updates to ongoing programs for each school.

•Heard from Henry County sheriff candidate Marc Ruskey.

•Discussed preparations for upcoming events in the village, including the Oct. 4 fishing derby.

•Learned disinfectant byproduct tests recently submitted by the water department all had approved results.

•Learned an applicant is interested in a weekend part-time patrolman position for the village police department. A police committee meeting will be held prior to council’s next meeting.

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