During Thursday’s session of the Henry County commissioners, an increase to the solid waste contract fee was approved and is effective today.

The increase changes the fee from $5 to $6 per ton. It was originally approved in June, but the Ohio Revised Code requires 90 days notice to participating landfills, according to the commissioners’ office.

The increase will result in $3 per ton going to the solid waste fund and $3 per ton going to the landfill post-closure fund.

In the summer of 2013, the landfill closed and became an exempt transfer station, which still accepts waste from cars, pick-up trucks, dump trailers, grain trucks and small dump trucks for a fee. That waste is then transferred to other landfills for disposal. Also, solid waste generated in Henry County which is taken to other landfills for disposal is currently subject to a contract fee, which is charged when the waste is accepted and the landfill sends that fee to Henry County.

Prior to the increase, that rate was $5 per ton, with $3 going to the solid waste district and $2 allocated to the landfill’s post-closure fund. The discussion regarding the increase centered on concerns about the landfill’s post-closure fund as it’s intended to last 30 years from the time of closure, so that would be another 23 years. In September 2018, it was reported an average of $70,000 per year was being spent from the fund and, at that rate, would be projected to last only seven more years.


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