OAKWOOD — The suspect in an area bank robbery Wednesday morning was arrested Thursday in Florida.

According to Paulding County Sheriff Jason K. Landers, an arrest warrant was issued for David Abram Ziesel, 40, of West Palm Beach, Florida, Wednesday evening for robbing the Oakwood branch of the State Bank earlier that day. Shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday, Ziesel walked into the probation office in West Palm Beach where he had a scheduled appointment. Ziesel was taken into custody by the Palm Beach Police Department and transported to the Palm Beach County Jail to await extradition. back to Paulding County.

“I am pleased this guy is in custody. We will now work with our partners in Florida to assist us until I can get staff down there,” said Landers. “We do know he showed up in the van from our robbery. We are working with their local and federal authorities to preserve any potential evidence there might be.”

Paulding County Sheriff’s Office continues working alongside the Oakwood Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as this investigation is ongoing.

If anyone has information regarding this investigation or any other crime, they are asked to contact the sheriff’s office at 419-399-3791. Information can also be submitted via Facebook by searching “Paulding County Sheriff’s Office” or visiting www.pauldingohsheriff.com to leave an email for the sheriff. An anonymous tip can also be left via the website by scrolling to the bottom of any page and clicking on “send us an anonymous tip.”


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