HAMLER — The Henry County South Joint Ambulance District Board of Trustees approved financial matters for 2020.

After a review of current year expenditures and expected 2020 revenue and expenditures, the Board approved an appropriations resolution, with revenue estimated to be $584,350 and expenditures expected to be $584,319.88.

The board also approved updates to the Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs). The SOGs received a thorough review and update over the last six months. They were also reviewed by legal counsel and the district’s insurance carrier’s risk management department.

The board also:

•Heard an October update. There were 49 calls for service with 37 patient transports in the month of October. Year-to-date, there have been 456 calls for service with 330 patient transports. The fuel report showed a total expense of $764.25 for the 2,863 miles the district vehicles traveled in October.

•Approved a resolution for a $0.50/hour pay raise for the part- and full-time staff and volunteers which are paid while on a run.

•Re-elected Jeff Brubaker as board president and Steve Aelker as vice president. Members also agreed to keep regular meeting nights on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the district office in Hamler.

Since the regular December board meeting falls on Christmas, there will not be a December board meeting.

(Information courtesy of the Henry County South Joint Ambulance District.)

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