'Global Day of Service'

Owens Corning hosts “Global Day of Service” in partnership with Fleece & Thank You. Pictured is Nicholas Kristock, co-founder and executive director of Fleece & Thank You.

TOLEDO – In a global partnership with Fleece & Thank You (F&TY) – the midwest’s largest provider of comfort care to hospitalized children – 100 employees from the Owens Corning headquarters in Toledo and another 200 from across the globe will come together to make blankets for their local communities. This is the third year for the day of service, which helps global team members feel more connected to each other and to those in need locally.

“A huge thank you to all the participants for taking the time out of their busy schedules to give back to the community,” said Ann Malak, community affairs lead for Owens Corning. “Our purpose statement is ‘our people and products make the world a better place,’ and we are fortunate to have so many community minded employees working for Owens Corning who truly live out that purpose.”

In Toledo, the blankets will be donated to ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital to bring comfort and connection to children facing extended hospital stays. The company expected to make a total of 480 blankets in 10 countries by Sept. 11. This marks the first time since the Global Finance Operations and Reporting Group began its global day of service three years ago that all of the countries will be participating in the same event. This year, a few other Owens Corning groups from the company’s treasury, tax, investor relations and global shared services departments will join in the effort as well.

“We’re grateful to Owens Corning for choosing Fleece & Thank You as its global partner to serve communities across the world this year,” said Nicholas Kristock, co-founder and executive director of F&TY. “The need for comfort in these times is universal, so it’s wonderful to see how our mission can be expanded to those outside of hospitals – from orphanages and senior homes to shelters and boarding schools.”

F&TY was established to create a meaningful and lasting connection that lets children and young adults in the hospital know they are not alone. Through the company’s blanket-making program, it’s on a mission to collect 30,000 blankets annually – which is the number of children hospitalized each year in Michigan. Even more than color and comfort, Kristock believes that every child deserves connection. Every blanket provided also has a personal video message attached to it from the blanket maker to the recipient in the hospital, who can then send a “thank-you” message back to the maker.

“For many of our patients and their families, this is a room they do not want to be in and a diagnosis they do not understand,” said Kristock. “It’s not their bed, not their sheets, not their pillow and not their ‘normal.’ We can give these kids and their families one of the first reasons to smile during an uncertain time and one of the first reasons to have hope when they see something bright and colorful waiting for them on the bed.”

Although the F&TY mission is to donate to hospitals for children and young adults facing extended stays, due to local laws and COVID-19 regulations, the blankets made by Owens Corning associates will be donated to hospitals, orphanages, senior centers, shelters and schools in the following countries: Rio Claro, Brazil; Brussels, Belgium; Chambéry, France; Mumbai, India; Besana, Italy; Mexico City, Mexico; Gous, Russia; Shanghai, China; Toledo, Ohio; and Vilnius, Lithuania.

(Information courtesy of Fleece & Thank You.)


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