ARCHBOLD — Northwest State Community College and Midwest Community Federal Credit Union recently partnered together at the NSCC Archbold campus to bring area high school students information about personal finances and life skills.

“Finances 101” welcomed 160 students from Stryker, Miller City-New Cleveland, Archbold, Holgate, Fountain City Christian School and Leipsic high schools and Four County Career Center. Many homeschool students also participated in the exercises.

Finances 101 is a collaborative effort of the Northwest Ohio Credit Unions, seeking to teach high school students “about the financial demands of the real world.” Per their website (, students travel around a life-sized game board, with life choices taking place through a draw of the cards, a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel.

During the learning exercises, students gain a better understanding of core financial topics such as earning a salary and paying bills/taxes, household costs, how earnings impact buying decisions an the responsibilities of adulthood.

NSCC business faculty member Lisa Becher, a small business owner herself, applauded the partnership with Midwest Community FCU.

“(Finances 101) was a great community outreach event between Midwest Community Federal Credit Union and Northwest State Community College,” Becher said. “Northwest State was able to communicate to high school students how important a general understanding of business is and what programs we have available; students were able to learn in a fun, interactive environment at the same time whether or not they pursue higher education in the future.”

NSCC President Dr. Michael Thomson noted the long-term life aspects of the event.

“As our high school students start making crucial long-term choices in their life, NSCC is committed to engaging students personally about their life choices,” Thomson said. “Too often, the short-term demands of life scream for our immediate attention. Learning to take an intentional longer term view will help our students make informed decisions that benefit them in the long-term.”

Christian Elden, marketing director for Midwest Community FCU, echoed Becher’s sentiments about the partnership, and about the ongoing need for finance education in schools.

“We’re very happy with the event’s turnout. We reached students from seven local schools and two homeschool groups, and the staff and facilities at NSCC were a huge asset,” Elden remarked. “By applying some of the things they’ve learned in Finances 101, students will be better equipped to manage their money and avoid stressful financial pitfalls later in life.”

(Information courtesy of NSCC.)


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