I think most of us have heard the saying “It takes a village.” In most cases this is followed by “to raise a child” or “to get the job done” or “to adopt a pet.”

With a simple Google search of “it takes a village,” you can find out the origins of this phrase. This phrase is attributed to an old African proverb. The ancient Aftican understanding is that an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to grow in a safe and healthy environment. This can be said for our kids in our community also. I wanted to take this article to highlight some of our community partners who are part of our “village.” I apologize that I can not highlight all of them. Even in a year like this, we still need many partners to bear the dynamics of caring for all of our students.

I would like to thank all of our community partners who pour into our students, staff and community. What great examples of the #Family pillar of our #PHStrong culture.

Patrick Henry Music Association/Patrick Henry Athletic Boosters

Both of these groups are valued booster groups for our students and school personnel. These groups work hard to raise money to support our students in many ways. Our music boosters organize and carry out many large trips for our music students. Our athletic boosters support our athletic teams through running concessions stands, organizing fundraising, and the purchasing of equipment for teams.

Patrick Henry Community Foundation

The Patrick Henry Community Foundation is a great resource for both our students and staff. Each year the Community Foundation raises money to help support our students and staff. Students are supported through scholarships while our staff is supported through mini grants.

Deshler Men’s Association

The Deshler Men’s Association (DMA) is a group who is very supportive of what we do at Patrick Henry Local Schools. The DMA has supported our archery program in a way that allows our archers to travel to away meets and purchase new equipment. Additionally, this group has always supported our afterschool programs through financial donations.

Hamler Men’s Club

The Hamler Men’s Club is another group who continues to support our activities at PHLS. Each year, even in the rain, the Hamler Men’s Club has a barbecue to raise money for a good cause during the fall. For many years that money went towards the Rex and Kay Lingruen Scholarship. Recently, that money has gone toward families in need within our community.

Many Local Scholarship Providers

Each year, I am amazed by the number of scholarships our community blesses our seniors with. Recently, our community has not only blessed recent graduates with scholarships but in a few cases jobs for the day after the student graduates.

The RIDGE Project

At PHLS we are fortunate to work with The RIDGE Project. The Ridge Project is a local group that we have on campus to work with our students and their social emotional health. They have been a valued partner for many years.

Henry County Sheriff’s Department

Our campus is fortunate to have an Student Resource Officer. Having the sheriff’s office as a partner has made our campus safer and stronger. PHLS hopes to be able to continue this relationship into the future.


TACKLE is a non profit organization that houses both a case manager and a school therapist on-site. Having these resources on our campus for our students is outstanding. We are grateful for the work of the case manager and the therapist with our students.

The Henry County Health Department

Even before the pandemic, the health department helped to provide programming for our afterschool programs. But the pandemic has brought our relationship into focus. The health department has been a valued partner for us over the last year. We are fortunate to have our health department staffed by such community centered individuals.

This is not a full list of our great partners. But as you can see, it does take a village to help with student development. We are fortunate to have a great group of partners who help with that on a daily basis.

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