4.0 GPA

Freshmen - Richard Bower and Addison Casillas.

Sophomores - Jenna Okuley.

Juniors - Elizabeth Haase, Lauren Okuley, Eva Swary and Raena Willett.

Seniors - Janessa Fuller, Madison Hohenberger, Benjamin Like, Willow Marshall, Tianna Meyer, Joshua Niese, Bailey Plott, Nicholas Roehl and Lillian Schulte.

3.5-3.99 GPA

Freshmen - Sylas Cash, Kathleen Hernandez, Jason Jordan and Levi Zachrich.

Sophomores - Makenzie Boecker, Adrianna Davis, Haley Fuller, Brandon Hohenberger, Bailey Izor, Mackenzie Roehl, Garrett Sidle and Bailey Sonnenberg.

Juniors - Ethan Altman, Jordan Bok, Hannah Gustwiller, Fletcher Kramer, Brandee Littleton Miller, Laura Nienberg, Cassandra Parsons, Rylie Schuller, Arianna Stephey, Kylee Sugg, Colton Taylor and Ruth Wenzinger.

Seniors - Paul Davis, Cameron Hoellrich, Madilyn Hohenberger, Morgen Littleton-Miller, Tarrah Meyer, Natalie Pitney, Sydney Shockey, Cody Sonnenberg, Grace Swary, Grace Wenzinger, Braxton Wright and Molly Yenser.

3.0-3.49 GPA

Freshmen - Jaylin Baldridge, Allannah Davis, Christopher Davis, Justine Eis, Briannea Grime, Faith Kuhlman, Carissa Meyer, Ethan Parsons, Aniles Schuller, Collin Schulte and Therese Taylor.

Sophomores - Leslie Dietrich, Hayden Hartman, Joseph Kelly, Gavyn Kupfersmith, Alexis Kurtz, John Mullett, Alesia Rochon, Cora Schwab, Darion Schwartzengraber, Jessica Thome, Bria Tijerina and Joshua Tobias.

Juniors - Sierra Belmares, Blake Hattemer, Jeradt Nagel, Andrew Pahl, Hannah Sanders and Yesenia Solano.

Seniors - Jacob Bortz, Elise Degnes, Ashley Freytag, Benjamin Iliff, Zachary Luderman, Gage Moore, Wyatte Schwab and Cole Snyder.


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