4.0 GPA

Sixth grade - Alexavier Alvarez, Isabelle Blaker, Hannah East, Israel Resendez and Parker Witte.

Seventh grade - Kaylynn Ashbaugh, Miriam Bower, Abigail Brown, Honesty Davis, Mason Parsons, Aubrey Pennington and Hannah Swary.

Eighth grade - Olivia Blaker, Jackson Westrick and Elisabeth Willett.

3.5-3.99 GPA

Sixth grade - Ruth Bok, McKenzie Boyd, Jordyn Hoellrich, Luke Jordan, Harmony Marshall, Ethan Showalter, Mya Tijerina and Kayne Walters.

Seventh grade - Evan Dopp, Madison Downing, Rachel Greenlaw, Kaelie Hagerman, Kylee Harris, Cade Mansfield, Caleb Maples, Logan Miller, Jacob Schwartzengraber and Jonah Wenzinger.

Eighth grade - Madison Clark, Haley Decker, Jolynn Eis, Kianna Garza, Raegan Hoellrich, Kylee Pontious, Lexa Schuller and Julissa Solano.

3.0-3.49 GPA

Sixth grade - Sophia Herndon, Liobarda Cristal Ibarra, Tyja Jones, Brennan Scott, Gavin Westrick and Markee Wilhelm.

Seventh grade - Elijah Babel, Ezekiel Belmares, Dylan Boecker, Grayc Hagerman, Jordan Jones, Kaytlin Kirkland, Xavier McCord, Adam Nienberg, Jacob Thome and Allyssa Wagner.

Eighth grade - Jonathan Adkins, Jordyn Altman, Hayden Birr, Trenton Engle, Ethan Fritz, Tyler Fuller, Haylee Hartman, Owen Leaders, Cameron Maples, Jayde Mullett and Gabriel Salaz.


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