It’s time for Ann and I to repack our goods and head for Bowling Green this weekend to gather with other vendors at the Junior Fair Building. It sounds like the weather might be nippy, but we are counting on overall dry weather.

Just eight months after a large earthquake struck Croatia’s capital in March 2020, another, more powerful quake struck the area, killing at least seven people and injuring dozens more. The Dec. 29 6.4 magnitude quake destroyed several cities and dozens of villages in Sisak-Moslavina County.

When such a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude strikes, Lions International is ready to help. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), quickly responded and approved $10,000 in emergency grant funding to allow Lions in Croatia to respond to urgent needs of the victims.

As enormous challenges due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) persist, so too do natural disasters. LCIF continues to support recovery efforts from natural disasters worldwide, providing emergency grant funding when and where it is needed.

In November and December 2020 alone, and adding to relief funding for Sisak-Moslavina County, LCIF provided $235,000 in emergency grants for flood relief in India, Brazil, Italy and Sri Lanka, tropical storm relief in Columbia, Typhoon relief in the Philippines and Earthquake relief in Greece.

I have watched A&E’s “Storage Wars” for a number of years, and I have to admit that some of the “finds” seemed too good to be true. My one of my “Uncle John’s Bathroom Readers,” comes this note:

Former cast member Dave Hester sued “Storage Wars” for wrongful termination in 2012. He claimed the show fired him because he publicly claimed it was rigged. “The producers staged entire units, planted items in lockers after having them appraised weeks in advance, and funneled cash to weaker teams to buy lockers they could not have otherwise afforded.”

A&E’s defense: “The composition of the show is covered by the First Amendment.”

A judge agreed and ordered Hester to pay the network’s legal costs.

But Hester sticks to his claims, regardless. He knows the show was rigged because he helped rig it. He supposedly planted items he owned in lockers he bought and was even paid by the production company for “renting” those items.

Times I’ve seen my husband cry: Our wedding, the birth of our children and the time I mowed the grass too short.

Sad after the funeral of a friend, my wife and I ducked into a Chinese restaurant for a little pick-me-up. The feel-good session ended abruptly when I read the fortune in my cookie: “You will soon be reunited with a good friend.”

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