Can it really be August already? It seems that July was just getting started a few days ago, but we say goodbye to that month during which we set all kinds of records for high temperatures. What lies ahead for our eighth month of the year? More heat? The strangest Henry County Fair ever? The start of another out-of-the-ordinary school year? We continue to roll with the punches, hoping for an end to the chaos of the past four-plus months.

Ann and I finally got in our first garage sale of the year. This was not our typical garage sale, if you’ve attended in past years. Because of months of self-imposed isolation (somewhat), we were looking for things to do besides watch television, so we began cleaning out various rooms, along with the garage and basement. That effort produced a large number of items that we feel we no longer need, so that brought us to garage sale #1. Sales were good and we had several empty boxes by the end of the day.

Coach Jones’s team is leading 7 to 6 in the last minute of play, and he carefully instructs his quarterback not to pass under any condition. But when the ball is advanced within the 10-yard line, the quarterback is overcome by temptation. He passes and the ball is intercepted by the opponent’s swiftest back, who breaks into an open field and is racing toward pay dirt. He speeds past midfield when suddenly, out of nowhere, the quarterback overtakes him and brings him down, saving the game since the clock had expired.

After the game, the losing coach remarks to the barely-victorious coach, “I’ll never understand how your boy overtook my fastest back on that last play.”

“Well, I’ll tell you,” came the reply. “Your back was running to a touchdown — my boy was running for his life!”

The cables on the Golden Gate Bridge contain 80,000 miles of steel wire.

Shhh! The word “listen” contains the same letters as the word “silent.”

Paul McCartney wrote “When I’m 64” when he was 15.

America’s oldest candy brand? NECCO wafers, sold since 1847.

The first electric ovens were used in a Swiss hotel in 1889.

The bottom of the Grand Canyon is above sea level.

What do Google, Apple and have in common? There were all started in home garages.

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