Seventy-seven years ago, on this date, construction of the Pentagon, the new headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia, was completed.

Remember the name Emoni Banks. He’s a typical high school sophomore and a once-in-a-generation talent. I read about him in Sports Illustrated and the roundball magician hails from Ypsilanti, Michigan. He is not even old enough to drive and he is likely to be a straight-to-the-NBA No. 1 pick. His goal? To try to be the best player-ever!

He is only 15 and people are already comparing him to Kevin Durant. By the end of his freshman year at Lincoln High, he had led the team to the Division I state championship. Not unlike LeBron James, who played several of his high school games at Akron University, his school will play at least five of their games in the 8,800-seat arena at Eastern Michigan.

Put him on any Division I college team and he would start. And yet he has only five scholarship offers. Most big schools aren’t recruiting him because they assume that by 2022, the NBA collective bargaining agreement will allow high schoolers to enter the league.

Emoni asked his dad to look up LeBron’s stats as a high school freshman (18 points per game, 6.2 rebounds) and then vowed to beat them. He averaged 28.6 and 10.1 last year.

Remember the name Emoni Banks.

Another trick to improve your life from Readers Digest:

If you can’t quite reach a hanging plant with a watering can, ice cubes can help. Just toss several cubes into the pot. Bonus: The slow-melting ice won’t cause a sudden downpour from the drain hole.

I remember studying the book “Winesburg, Ohio,” although I’m not sure I ever read the entire book. As you might recall, the book, a collection of short stories, was written by Sherwood Anderson and it remains a literary classic. According to Ohio Magazine, when it was published 100 years ago, it caused quite a stir in Clyde, Ohio, as many felt that Anderson was spilling the town’s secrets. Anderson, a native of Clyde, was writing things a bit too familiar with the locals and none of them wanted the town’s secrets, whether factual or embellished, aired to the world.

When Anderson chose Winesburg as the stand-in for his hometown, he didnt realize there actually was a Winesburg, Ohio. Those who lived there were not fans of his book either. The problem in Clyde went deeper, with many of the characters in the book resembling actual residents in the town.

The Clyde Public Library even supported banning the book for many years, and some newspaper articles even refer to townspeople burning it. Over the years, perhaps the hatred was subsided. Throughout 2019, Clyde celebrated the 100th anniversary of the book’s first publication, and an Ohio Historical Marker stands prominently in a downtown park.

Well, that’s enough about Winesburg. I have to get to a book I’m writing, entitled “Bonaparte, Ohio.” Perhaps you will recognize some of the characters?

Sports Illustrated had its pre-season top 25 college basketball teams a few months ago and things have been jumbled quite a bit since then. Their top 10 were Michigan State, Kentucky, Louisville, Duke, Kansas, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Villanova and Ohio State. As of a week ago, the rankings had the following at the top of the list: Gonzaga (SI had them 12th), Duke, Kansas, Baylor (18th), Auburn (not ranked), Butler (NR), San Diego State (NR), Michigan State, Oregon (17th) and Florida State (NR). Maybe it’s not time yet to begin making out your brackets for March Madness.

“Procrastination is the foundation of all disasters.” (Pandora Poikilos)

“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.” (Mason Cooley)

“A series of failures may culminate in the best possible result.” (Gisela Richter)

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