Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt described her mail after she appeared on a television commercial for margarine.

“It was equally divided,” she was quoted as saying. “One half was sad because I had damaged my reputation. The other half was happy because I had damaged my reputation.”

It was on this date, way back in 1953, that Nikita Khrushchev was elected first secretary, or leader, of the Soviet Unions Communist Party. Not too many years later, he was banging his shoe at a United Nations meeting.

Six years later, “Bonanza,” the first TV western to air completely in color, premiered on NBC. Ben and his sons can still be seen today on weekday afternoons on ME-TV.

Richard is home for vacation from the University of Wisconsin Agriculture College and a neighbor drops in and says she is thinking of raising chickens and asks Richard’s advice. He tells her that chickens are a little out of his line, but he thought that 25 hens should serve her purpose.

Later in the summer, he looks in on her project and saw, to his surprise, that she had not only 25 hens but just as many roosters.

“Ma’am,” he noted, “one or two roosters would have been enough for those hens.”

She looked at him reproachfully, “Now, Richard,” she said, “you know that’s just a man’s point of view.”

The year was 1959, the best-selling magazines were Readers Digest, TV Guide and Life, while Leon Uris’ “Exodus” was the best-selling fiction book. Henry Mancini’s “The Music from Peter Gunn” was the best-selling album, while the top five songs of the year were “The Battle of New Orleans” (Johnny Horton), “Mack the Knife” (Bobby Darin), “Personality” (Lloyd Price), “Venus” (Frankie Avalon) and “Lonely Boy” (Paul Anka).

“Gigi” captured the Academy Award for Best Picture, David Niven was Best Actor for his role in “Separate Tables” and Susan Hayward was Best Actress for “I Want to Live!”

Looking at the Emmys for 1959, we find “The Jack Benny Show” as Best Comedy Series, Raymond Burr (as Perry Mason) captured the Best Actor Award in a dramatic series and Loretta Young (“Loretta Young Show”) won the Best Actress Award in a dramatic series.

A Texas GI, playing poker with some English soldiers, drew four aces.

“One pound,” ventured the Englishman on his right.

“I don’t know how you all count your money,” drawled the Texan, “but I’ll raise you a ton.”

Jeanne Wolfe was a PBS commentator for a Detroit-area station. She tells this true story:

Turning my cart into the produce section, I almost collided with another shopper. It was none other than notorious union leader Jimmy Hoffa, reaching for a head of lettuce. He had just been released from prison. I stammered, “Hi, Mr. Hoffa, I’m Jeanne Wolfe and I’d like you to be a guest on my PBS program.”

Hoffa gave me a stare. I was ready to head for the diaper aisle when he said with a slight smile, “My wife likes your show. Here’s my number.”

I fumbled for a pen and scribbled it on my grocery list. A week later, he was in the studio and telling me exclusively that he planned to retake the presidency of the Teamsters. The story made worldwide news. It was his last interview before he disappeared forever.

Husband, looking over bills, to wife: “Well, we’re at the bridge we were going to cross when we came to it.”

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” (Robert H. Schuller)

“Encouragement and motivation are tools not easily learned.” (Larry Stegall)

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.” (Michael Landon)

”You must have long-term goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures.” (Charles C. Nobel)

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