Ken and Pam Schad

Pastor Ken and Pam Schad

Pastor Ken Schad, along with his wife Pam, has planted a church in the Napoleon community, and New Assembly of God Church will see its grand opening Sunday, Oct. 20 at 10:30 a.m.

Schad is an ordained minister of the Assembly of God. He served as children’s pastor for the last 10 years at Bethel Assembly of God in Perrysburg and a previous seven years in the area of the missions team from that church. He was also involved in the Wednesday night children’s group programs and taught a parents’ class for Sunday morning Bible study.

Schad added he has an extensive background in business, having worked for 24 years as a district manager for a major retailer. He said he was responsible for 27 stores in the company up to 2004, and he worked after, and continuing, at the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“I have had a passion to plant a church in an area that does not have an Assembly of God, and to serve the community,” Schad said. “My heart was to be within city limits, not on the outskirts.”

New Assembly of God is located at 630 Monroe St. in Napoleon.

Schad said the Assembly of God seeks to be involved statewide, and he was familiar with the city before making his decision.

“The Assembly of God has a goal for every county in the state of Ohio to have a (church location) to serve their communities,” he said. “When I was asked about Napoleon, which I was familiar with, I visited. My wife and I knew on the spot that God wanted us to do this here. After praying and knowing God’s answer, we stepped up and started planning in October of 2018.”

Schad said he and his wife have a long commitment to exercise and eating healthy, adding his wife had a long career in leading and teaching exercise classes.

“I have been married to Pam since 1980, and we have three children and five grandchildren,” Schad said. “I know how precious they are, how precious the children and people of this community are to God. We feel strongly with our background that we can show individuals that Jesus Christ can most importantly be their savior. I made that commitment to Jesus in 1977. He can be in every area of a person’s life.”

Schad said the church’s local involvement will begin with the services at 10:30 a.m. and then expand into Sunday morning and midweek classes. In forming the church, the couple has a passion of helping individuals have a personal relationship with Jesus, see lives and families restored, preach, teach, train and counsel, and empower others to do the work of Jesus Christ.

“We have a vision to expand to teach family-focused health, and spiritual and physical health,” he said. “We want to have an outreach into this community, and partner with the teachers in the community on how we can serve them as a church.”


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