It was another exciting night for the Napoleon swimmers and divers Tuesday, hosting Bryan and Defiance in the NHS Natatorium.

The Napoleon boys, who just won the Northern Lakes League title last week, swept Bryan (135-45) and Defiance (153-24), while the Lady Cats topped Defiance (156-15) but fell to the Lady Bears (99-86).

“Even coming off a fantastic NLL championship meet, the swimmers and divers didn’t let up,” said Napoleon swim coach Denise Brown. “There were many fast times and some great diving.”

Double event winners for the Wildcats were Brittany Boysel in the 200 and 500 freestyle, Khalil Tran in the 200 IM and 100 butterfly and Kyle Hudson in the 200 free and 100 free.

Napoleon is back in action again Saturday, Jan. 25, when the Wildcats compete in the NWOAC Championships at Fremont Ross High School.

Individual results for the Wildcats

200 Medley Relay

Girls: 2nd (E. Koesters, M. Carpenter, A. Konstantinova, A. Speiser) 2:11.62; 4th (B. Myers, M. Speiser, S. Finn, S. Emhiser) 2:28.90; Boys: 1st (K. Hudson, C. Niekamp, K. Tran, M. Switzer) 1:49.13; 2nd (B.Bostelman, A. Gyde, D. Gray, S. Cashman) 1:57.22.

200 Freestyle

Girls: 1st B. Boysel 2:05.98, 2nd H. Buchhop 2:11.07, 5th A. Speiser 2:16.63; Boys: 1st K. Hudson 1:45.68, 4th L. Spring 1:58.40.

200 IM

Girls: 3rd E. Koesters 2:32.28, 4th M. Carpenter 2:36.21, 5th A. Konstantinova 2:39.69; Boys: 1st K. Tran 2:13.11, 2nd C. Gyde 2:15.68, 3rd B. Bostelman 2:19.09, 5th M. Spring 2:33.48.

50 Freestyle

Girls: 2nd K. Nagel 24.95, 5th S. Delfavero 30.49, 6th E. Bostleman 30.93; Boys: 1st M. Switzer 24.52, 3rd S. Cashman 25.06, 4th D. Gray 25.45.


Girls: 1st A. Seeman 249.70, 4th A. Heitman 215.20, 5th P. Weaver 177.00; Boys: 1st G. Hull 185.40, 2nd J. Gaffney 155.00, 3rd D. Grant 131.95.

100 Butterfly

Girls: 3rd A. Kostantinova 1:14.23, 4th E. Koesters 1:15.26, 5th A. Speiser 1:17.03; Boys: 1st K. Tran 59.66, 2nd D. Gray 1:03.23, 4th C. Niekamp 1:10.43.

100 Freestyle

Girls: 2nd K. Nagel 54.10, 4th R. Morman 1:05.41, E. Bostleman 1:06.41; Boys: 1st Kyle Hudson 48.63, 3rd M. Switzer 55.31, 4th S. Cashman 57.62, 5th Z. Miller 1:00.43.

500 Freestyle

Girls: 1st B. Boysel 5:38.42, 3rd M. Carpenter 6:03.67; Boys: 2nd L. Spring 5:09.67, 5th M. Griffith 5:43.74.

200 Free Relay

Girls: 2nd (B. Boysel, E. Koesters, H. Buchhop, K. Nagel) 1:49.13, 4th (R. Morman, M. Speiser, E. Bostleman, A. Konstantinova) 2:02.56; Boys: 1st (L. Spring, S. Cashman, C. Gyde, M. Switzer) 1:38.06, 3rd (Z. Miller, M. Griffith, A. Gyde, D. Gray) 1:48.09.

100 Back

Girls: 1st H. Buchhop 1:08.82, 4th R. Morman 1:15.76; Boys: 1st B. Bostelman 1:04.45, 3rd A. Gyde 1:09.48, 6th Z. Miller 1:18.83.

100 Breaststroke

Girls: 3rd M. Speiser 1:27.25, 6th S. Delfavero 1:34.40; Boys: 1st C. Gyde 1:09.61, 2nd C. Niekamp 1:11.44, 4th M. Spring 1:19.48.

400 Freestyle Relay

Girls: 2nd (B. Boysel, M. Carpenter, H. Buchhop, K. Nagel) 3:56.72, 4th (R. Morman, S. Emhiser, A. Speiser, E. Bostlman) 4:30.70; Boys: 1st (L. Spring, C. Gyde, K. Tran, K. Hudson) 3:29.06, 3rd (B. Bostelman, M. Griffith, Z. Miller, C. Niekamp) 3:59.41.

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