SWANTON — Swanton High School released a proposal Wednesday at its Board of Education meeting to vote on whether or not to leave the Northwest Ohio Athletic League.

In Swanton’s proposal put together by Swanton Athletics Director Wade Haselman and others, the consensus was “Swanton should look for a situation that would allow (it) to be more competitive. That would mean leaving the NWOAL.”

The proposal examined Swanton’s history in the NWOAL and, after previous ongoing discussions, presented its new and “more competitive” league idea with Delta, Evergreen, Montpelier, Northwood, Ottawa Hills and Edon (football only).

The NWOAL currently consists of Archbold, Bryan, Delta, Evergreen, Liberty Center, Patrick Henry, Swanton and Wauseon — all which have been members since at least 1978.

The proposal cites Swanton’s 65 all-time league titles — compared to the top three of Bryan (181), Archbold (171) and Wauseon (140) — and its nine league titles since 2000 — again compared to Archbold (93), Wauseon (66) and Bryan (57).

Also cited is Swanton’s diminishing enrollment in its lower grades, including Bryan and Wauseon’s K-12 grade totals having at least 500 more students — creating a “competitive advantage.”

The board will need to approve a resolution before notifying the NWOAL of its decision.

Swanton will be required to complete a two-year withdrawal process before competing in the new league.

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